Albie goes home!

After his balloon septostomy and recovery we were sent home to Wellington. Below is the email we sent at that time as we hadn’t set up this blog.

We had been told that with cardiac babies you have good days and bad days – and being at home with Albie finally was definitely one heck of a set of good days!

Hello there again friends and family

First of all – thank you soooo very much for all the love and support that we have received from so many of you on the birth of our Albie. Its been really humbling to feel so much care around us and its really helped us to not feel overwhelmed by our little guy’s condition.

We are now home in Wellington which is glorious and we are enjoying all the normalities of a newborn in the house! We are home under express orders from his cardiac team at Starship to ‘fatten him up.’ Once he is a bit bigger, Albie will have a Rastelli’s operation (if you are interested, there is basic info here and some more detailed info here ). Its a bit Hansel and Gretel-ish of them but we are super thankful that this time at home gives us time as a family before anything this major. After the Rastelli’s operation, Albie will pretty much be a normal wee boy – who will occasionally need his pulmonary valve replaced ;). Science is truly amazing!

Until his operation, Albie has lower oxygen saturation levels than other babies, and so he gets tired quicker. We’ve been told that we should limit his visitors and to tell those that have been sick recently, or near people who have been sick recently, to wait till they are better before they visit us. If Albie gets a cold its a big deal for him – and we only want him to focus on getting fat so we can fix up that ticker!

I think that is all for now. Thanks a bunch again for all the love. Its a beautiful, beautiful thing. Albie is entirely unplugged now and absolutely divine. The most gorgeous wee pup of a boy ever – although we must admit our bias!

Much love

Sarah, Marcus and Albie

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