Back to the Mother ship

We are back at Starship. Marcus noticed Mr Wrigglesworth was looking blue last Sunday afternoon, and when we got to the hospital his saturation levels were down around 60%. After a short stay in Wellington hospital, we were flown up to Starship in the early hours of Monday morning.

It seems Wrigglesworth’s pulmonary stenosis is getting more pronounced as his heart grows. On Thursday, they did an operation to enlarge his pulmonary valve to increase blood flow. They did this successfully, which we were quite heartened by to begin with. The stink thing is that the pulmonary artery leading up to the valve is also narrowing. This has meant that the operation hasn’t really had much of an impact on his oxygen levels at all.

So our little Wrigglesworth is going to have to have a much more serious operation early next week to get more oxygenated blood around his wee body. The team here is still deciding whether it will be open heart surgery or whether they can just put a shunt in outside the heart itself. Its upsetting to think of our lil guy having to have another operation so soon. At the same time, we want him to get better so we have to trust that is where we are heading – even if we are heading that way slowly!

After the operation he will be back in Intensive Care. This is what I dread the most as it means that we can visit but not stay with him, he will be  intubated and will be fed via a nasal tube as well. Its perhaps even harder to do this the second time around knowing, just a little, of what normality feels like.

This song is being listened to too much right now. Oh to be home with our wee boy well!


  1. Thank you for keeping us updated in such a beautiful way, thinking of you and sending best wishes and love XXX

  2. If I could give you a passport that would allow all of you to pass safely on to Italy, it would be in your hands right now, especially for little miracle Wrigglesworth. It was such a pleasure to see so much life at your house that Sunday. I’ll be praying for you all.

  3. Sending you lots of love to you all. I had no idea, thanks for the update, I wish I could be there but I know that your world is full of love and prayers from family and friends. It goes without saying that if I can do anything then call. Loving you….xxxx

    • Thanks babe – I was conscious that there were some goodies, like you, who were far too out of the loop. Sorry. Its been an intense time to say the least but we are doing the best we can. Love you lots and lots xxxx

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