The plan for this week

So the team have recommended that Mr Wrigglesworth gets a shunt put in place between the subclavian artery (that runs back from his right arm) to his lungs. The shunt is called a Blalock-Taussing shunt.

The Blalock-Taussig shunt will temporarily direct blood flow to his lungs and relieve the cyanosis that he is experiencing while he gets big enough for his corrective Rastelli operation. They will separate one branch of  his subclavian artery  and connect it with the pulmonary artery. The lungs will then receive more blood with low oxygen from the body to oxygenate.

Clearly Mr Wrigglesworth is Marcus’ son as the shunt is made of GoreTex and Marcus looooves all things GoreTex- much to the chagrin of me! This boy loves the outdoors so much already, that he will be wearing his outdoor gear on the inside right from the beginning. Flash!

As an aside, the shunt once in place will be about the size of a hollowed out piece of spaghetti!

He is on the surgery list and it will all happen sometime later this week,hopefully. They haven’t got enough beds in Intensive Care at the moment and as that is where he needs to go after the operation, we kind of have to wait.

Will post some more pics soon – the wee Mister started smiling yesterday and has a grin that is ear to ear. Absolutely gorgeous!


  1. The three of you are on our minds daily and it is great to be able to check in with what is happening. We are awed by your strength, grace and consistent humour through this really hard time. While perhaps not lucky as far as wiring goes, Albie sure is lucky in the love and awesomeness of you two. Muchos love, the PTs.

  2. Thanks for the update Sarah!

    It’s really great to read about what is happening for Mr Wrigglesworth and how you guys are doing.

    I’m sorry that you guys have had to do so much waiting to hear what they will do and when they will do it – must be very hard for both when things change all the time!

    On the flipside I am VERY proud that Mr Wrigglesworth is getting into Gore-Tex at such a young age – He is SOOO Marcuss son! He’ll be tramping in no time 🙂

    Here is a little Buddhist prayer that I have carried around with me for a few years now. It has helped me when times are tough 🙂

    Let all things be healthy
    Let all things be peaceful,
    Be sure to count your blessings at least once a day.

    Forgive those who have hurt you,
    And those who have offended you,
    But most of all forgive yourself for what you have done,
    And let go of what you have not been able to do.

    That which is done there’s no need to speak of,
    That which is past there’s no need to blame.
    Have self- control, self-knowledge, self-respect,
    the courage to dare.
    Be tranquil, the light of intelligence will shine.

    Strive to make the spot where you stand beautiful.
    Then beauty and harmony will follow you
    in all your ways and through all your days.

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