Albie is all good

Albie came out of the shunt operation well. He is sedated at the moment, but the docs are pleased with where he is at. Taking advantage of Mr Wrigglesworth being comatose on morphine and the 24 hour intensive care he gets, Marcus and I are off out to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary.

Will post some pics tomorrow xxx


    • Fantastic news. Enjoy celebrating your wedding anniversary. What a year it has been! And thinking about that wonderful celebration of love at Wai iti a year ago brings a million and one warm memories flooding back. You guys rock!

  1. Great idea on grabbing some precious time together while you can – and what a worthwhile occasion to celebrate too!! CONGRATS on your first anniversary, I’m sure its the first of many :-> you guys ROCK!
    Hugs and Kisses to you all from all of us here at the Brown Shed – we are sure Mr Wrigglesworth will be back to his (new and improved even!) wriggly best in no time! :->

  2. Happy anniversary! Glad to hear the operation went so well and that you were able to take some time to celebrate (-:

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