Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Our vows seem a whole lot more poignant, twelve months on:

Sarah, while we have been together, I have watched our love grow.
I love you
For who you have been, who you are and for the many possibilities that lie before us.
Thank you for coming so far with me already.

Sarah, above all else, thank you for your courage in taking this chance,
Beginning a new journey as my wife,
And in doing so, making a gift of yourself
And for accepting the same from me in return.

Today I promise you that though the world will change
And though we will change with it,
I will always love you, always treasure you and always share my life
And all that I am
with you.

Marcus, today I join my life with yours
To share with you in all that is to come:
All of the joy, and all of the pain;
Not just to grow old together
But to do so with joy and wonder.

I vow, to give you all the gifts of my heart.
I will do my share, with my hands and with my heart,
to build a life for us together that is happy and abundant

I will be truthful so you have no reason to doubt my love
And I will love you, deeply and without constraint,
through whatever life may bring

Wherever our path leads us, it leads us together
I am proud, from this day forward, to be called your wife.

What a spectacular weekend – so filled with the luuuurve.

One comment

  1. Happy Anniversary you two! Cool pics. That was such a special day and I was so glad I was able to be a part of it…. and such a lovely way to revisit everyone after years overseas.

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