Bouncy, bouncy

Albie is bouncing back quite well and responding to the treatment for his dying bowel (eeewwww!) which appears to be regenerating (yay!) Not out of the woods yet, he has still had nothing to eat since Thursday, but he is doing well on all other fronts. He is off the ventilator and breathing entirely for himself with saturation levels around 90%. Clever! So cool, as before the shunt he was down between 60 – 75%  so it warms our hearts to see the screen with such an A grade oxygen level. And with that going so well, we got to hold

him again. Stirling!


As you can see, at first he was less chuffed than me about this but he settled in for an afternoon sleep on my lap in no time. Word to those that may not know this about me: I despise cords. Always have. I don’t like the pesky way they tangle seemingly independent of anyone’s assistance.   Marcus therefore thinks its hilarious, and I can at least see the irony in this current situation. So why I have this big a grin on when that tangle of cords threaten to consume me and my child is beyond me. It must be love.

What a good day yesterday was! I am starting to get used to taking one day at a time as things change, in either direction, so mind-boggling fast.


  1. dear Hopkinsons
    i am so impressed by your bravery and your honesty
    This little kid wont be short of love
    thinking of you often


  2. Good for Albie. Go little fighter. Thinking of you all every day. Its about time we all had some good news. Lots of hugs and kisses. From Grandma and Granddad. xxxxxx

  3. yeah,some good news. Albie is such a little fighter. Much love Uncle Paul,Auntie Nic and big cousins Harry and Olivia xxxx

  4. AWESOME! So glad things are looking good for your all. Albie looks so pink! That’s a good sign, looking all pink with good blood. Lots of love xox

  5. Go Albie you little ruler!
    Sooooo stoked to hear that he is bouncing back. How incredibly resilient babies can be against all odds. You three are never far from my thoughts.

    It made me laugh out loud to hear that your love for Albie has managed to overcome your hate for chords! He he Sarah you crack me up. 🙂 I know your hate for chords well, and to see you calmly sitting next to that absolute tangled plethora of chords is just wonderful!

    What a clever man to be breathing on his own too – that must be wonderful for your guys to see!

    Love you all to the moon and back and sending lots of love and good vibes.


  6. Fabulous!! The tangle of cords made me giggle too  Albie looks plump, pink and healthy – so awesome!! Lots of love to you all xxxx

  7. That is quite the collection of cords and tubes – YAY for getting rid of the vent and for good sats still!! YES!
    You are such a trooper Mr Wigglesworth – and so clever! You keep fighting off that darn NEC and regrowing yourself healthy bowel instead, we like that ALOT!

    *So* glad you got a cuddle Sarah – it must have done both of you a world of good :->

  8. Go Albie keep up the good work kiddo. Am very pleased to hear yesterday was a good day. Hopefully today is even better and you get more cuddles! Lots of love Kaz

  9. One day @ a time, thats all we really have, but oh how long these days can seem when we are keeping watch. Well done Sarah, praying that Albie’s health ‘dilemnas’ will be resolved. Happy aniversary. Aunty Leone

  10. hi marcus, sarah and albie, so lovely to see a pic of albie. i am stunned with the the way you are both working with this challenge. anything i write seems trite and riduculous compared to the mountain you are both currently climbing ( but then you both like a good stomp don’t you). tears come to me when i think of how precious your child is. he is so lucky to be born to the two of you. i am sending out heaps and heaps of love to you all. big hugs all round, from rosie xxx

  11. Hi Marcus and Sarah,
    What a beautiful smiley boy! You are all so amazing that I hardly have words.
    Charis had a heart op when she was just shy of 2, and I thought that was scary, but it was nothing to what you are dealing with. You guys are so brave.
    Sending you stacks of love and wishes and hugs
    Kerris, Jules, Charis, Orrin, Aelwyn and Oisín xxxxxx

  12. He’s touched my heart, what an amazing little chap he is. Lovely to see photo’s of his cheeky smiles an cuddles with Mum and Dad. Lots of Love xxx

  13. Sarah & Marcus,
    What troopers you are and a beautiful example to us all. ;o) Just wicked to see your resolution and courage, it warms the heart. I’m sending you and Albie much love and constant good wishes from me and Bijou. xXx

  14. So So happy to read that little Albie is doing well, love the photos too, our thoughts are always with you, take care xxxxxxxxxx Lisa, Simon and Maddie

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