Two thumbs up

Albie is doing really good. His saturation levels remain in the early nineties and his surgery site is looking really good. His bowel problem is also almost sorted. Poor Mr Wrigglesworth has been nil by mouth for a week to let his digestive system rest and it seems to have worked. He has had nutrition mainlined into his bloodstream. Amazing! Anyhoo, an empty belly all this time has resulted in a Mr Kranskypants rather than a Mr Wrigglesworth so we were super pleased to find out that he will get some milk tomorrow. Yay! This is a picture of Mr Kranskypants – his alter ego:

Mr Kranskypants is so well that tomorrow morning he will leave the High Dependency Unit and move back into his own room on the Cardiac Ward. One thumb up! This also means that I get to move back in with him and we don’t have to leave him each night. Two thumbs up!

And Uncle Richard came to visit, and Granddad is arriving tomorrow and Aunty Anthea is visiting on Sunday and my dear friend Michelle is visiting Monday. Excitement!


  1. Fantastic news to hear that the wee man is doing so well. Lots of love and big hugs xxxx

  2. Great news. Although in third pic it looks as if Mr W is still sussing out the important business of: ‘just who is this Uncle Richard?’ …

  3. So thrilled to see how well Albie is doing – what a little star! Love the smiles, and how contented he seems in the face of his adventurous start to life (-: I intended to try and visit this coming week, but Josh has a nasty throat virus, so I will stay well away. I hope by the following week you’ll be home again, but if not I’ll pop in (-:

    take care guys, you are both doing an amazing job!

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