Being limited to a 3 metre square space, Wrigglesworth gets more than his fair share of scrutiny from Ma and Pa bear. And the latest worry – far from anything related to the heart, is concerning his burgeoning Celtic hair colour. On observing his head yet again, Marcus, very cheekily said “That is the last thing he needs – not a heart condition AND red hair.” The nurse in attendance stopped still and looked perplexed at this statement. And then, a penny dropped in her head that hadn’t even begun to seed in ours “Oh that’s so true! Albie won’t be able to run away from the bullies!” Oh how we laughed.

Writing it now, it all sounds a bit mean – laughing wholeheartedly at our son’s future dilemmas. I do promise you though, it all came from a place of love. Now for the proof – is he Mick Hucknall? What do you think?

Check out those eyebrows - decidedly ginger


Eyebrows - check. And, is it just me or is his hair helping him to look like a used car salesman?


  1. Nothing wrong with a tad of Ging! Our bonnie boy was definately the same in his first year and now at 3 1/2 is a faded strawberry blonde-but what was he to do when we named him Angus-was destined to have the Scottish look. Just start saving for all that sunblock!x

  2. Might not take, darlin…My bro looked like he’d been dipped in fanta flavoured candy floss until he was about 10…around that time, the ging faded into a dark brown mop with auburn highlights…decidely fetching!

  3. Ha ha you guys are a crack up! Lucky there are plenty of people around who can do an intervention if the bullying kicks in! Apart from the colour, I think he’s got his dads hair style actually… By the way Marcus- did you check out the postman- he’s not a ranga too is he?

  4. He is just gorgeous. Olivia has got a strawberry blonde look going on at the mo. So we can say they must have got it from their dads (haha) xx

  5. This made me laugh a lot!! Just remember, you can always put a hat on him!! Lots of love to all…xxxx

  6. Sarah, I came in to HHT today and asked about how you were going. Sarah has just shown me the blog. Albie is absolutely gorgeous. I see your tendancy to nickname has carried on; Mr Wrigglesworth is wonderfull 🙂

    Thinking of you xox


    • Hi there Victoria – so lovely to hear from you. Albie is a sweetie isn’t he? Marcus came up with the name Mr Wrigglesworth, he is even worse than me at making up nicknames for peeps! It certainly suits him though. Love to you – how is uni going?

  7. He is defo touched by the ginge, brilliant! He is looking fantastic Hoppy’s, can’t wait to give him some snuggles xx

  8. Hey guys, you have such a GORGEOUS baby – I absolutely love the eyes. I associate red heads with quirkiness so i’m sure if he does turn red, it’ll suit him. I’ve just logged onto your blog and think it’s just fab – what a great way to keep updated. Thinking of you all and wish you the best.

    Sangita (antenatal group)

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