1. Woweeeee He is just delightful Sarah!!! Man he’s changed heaps since I saw him last too!!!

    Totally can’t wait to see you guys again back in Welly town. The capital eagerly awaits the arrival of the famour Mr Wrigglesworth!!

  2. The improvement apparent since I saw him on Saturday is a joy to see .. and with almost no tubes / leads / what have yous in sight it must be easier for all concerned.
    Love Dad / Grandad / Father-in-law

    • He is doing great Dad you are quite right! Since you saw him, we have got rid of the nasal tube, and the ecg lines. He still has a few lines in though – two central arterial lines, a peripheral line and he still has an oxygen probe as well. Just some clever camera work 🙂 Hopefully everything except the sats probe will be gone by end of day tomorrow! xxxx

  3. Look at that face, what a gorgeous wee chap. So glad for all three of you that he is off those tubes and getting some good practice in being a happy rolly smiley baby! Cute little jerkin too…

  4. He is just soooooo gorgeous. He looks like a wee man in deep thought in the 2nd picture. Love to all xxxx

  5. I’ve just been lucky enough to be given your blog address and have caught up on your rollercoaster ride all at once. What an amazing gorgeous boy you have and his parents are pretty fantastic too. Thank you so much for sharing your family’s journey with us. I’m thinking of you and sending you plenty of love and prayers.

    • Thanks for the kind message Helene – glad you have been able to catch up with our happenings. Who would have guessed my pregnant belly walking around the office bore such a surprise?! I hope you are awesome. How is the new job going? Love, S

      • Hey there my friend. Your little guy has a most amazing smile! New job good but incredibly busy. Good to learn about a new area and get to know new people too.

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