Patience is a virtue…

and I haven’t got it.  This last week has been really hard.  I am tired of people hurting Albie for endless blood tests, and student doctors waking him up as they listen to his heart, and cardiac doctors making decisions without talking with us. Its just a hard environment to be a parent in when so much is out of your control. Now that he is so much closer to being better, I want to whisk Albie away from it all.

Of course we can’t steal him away home just yet. He is yet to gain weight. In fact, the pesky wee mite is losing weight still even though he has a tube back down his nose and they are dosing him up on Calogen. Calogen, is what one nurse described as ‘an anorexics nightmare.’ Essentially its really concentrated calories. Needless to say, I am steering well clear of the stuff! The hope is that once he gets a bit more strength and size he will be able to feed well enough on his own. Fingers and toes firmly crossed for that to happen.

When this will happen, and how long it will take we do not know. What I do know, though is that we continued to be humbled by all the love, support and affection that SURROUNDS us through this strange and scary time. Like my sister, Anthea who has been alongside us from the start of this journey – often leaving her own family in Taranaki to be here and who continues to  lavish Wrigglesworth in beautiful knitwear. Or like Inga who has also been a constant – either here or on the phone – and who without I would be sitting here in the outfit I was wearing the Sunday afternoon we rushed back to hospital. Or like Dad, who while less spritely these days, has youthfully visited us and supports us always from afar. Or like Hels who brought in takeaway curry, party hats and some sneaky cider to celebrate Marcus’ birthday and who continues to come and sit with Wrigglesworth so we can get a breather. Or like Megan, who I am stoked to have back from London just in time to supply me with endless marauding catch up chats over yummy dinners served with plenty of love. Or like Bryce, who has been such a choice boss to Marcus at such a difficult time. Or like Syleena and Josh, who visit from Katikati, with their beautiful boy Josh and who have armed me with a craft kit to kill off the boredom.  Or like Michelle, who packed up her stunning daughter, bonny baby twin boys and her Mum to come see us from Taranaki. She was stymied at the last moment by a stomach bug so she wasn’t allowed into the ward – but by jingos the love was felt through and through. Or like my gorgeous cousin Amie who sent a surprise box of yummy nutritional snacks and goodies. Or like Janine, a friend of Antheas, who we have never even met (yet), who humbled us with a lovely Survival Kit of Rescue Remedy, aromatherapy oils, pro-biotic vitamins and dark chocolate. Or like Nana Fletch, who cooks us delicious treats and gives Wrigglesworth some much needed inter-generational cuddles. Or like Richard and Jules, who arrived to visit armed with food to feed us for days and who keep an eagle eye on our house while we are away. Or like Joy and Reuben who visited us from the Hawkes Bay,brought in tow a delicious high energy, gluten free vegetarian feast and have showered us since in glorious beauty products for our less-than-gorgeous hospital skin.  Or like Aunty Shirley with her Tofu burgers, or Aunty Teresa with gorgeous stretch-and-grows and quiches, or cousin Shelley with drop-by flat white coffees, or Tama, Jase, Ami and Inga with their fantastic gardening of our property, or Penny and Ulli who are the best neighbours ever, or, or, or  – all the lovely gifts that have been sent to Albie by so many of you both here and over the seas.

The community of people around us has definitely helped us to see the miracles and wonders that these days do bring. Thanks so much for all the texts and emails and comments. While we may not always reply, by heck we certainly soak the love up. Aw, shucks – its enough to make me cry. Although to be honest, the bar for “things that make Sarah cry” is set at an all-time low right now! One glorious day somewhere ahead, we both look forward to giving all this love right on back to you all….

To be honest this week has probably been a tricky week because Marcus went back to Wellington. I thought that Marcus was sometimes messy and occasionally annoying – but in his absence, I have realised, yet again, that he is the anchor for Albie and me and I can’t wait for his return tomorrow.  He moderates my hysterical tendencies and takes this territorial lion mumma out for an occasional much-needed walk. Cabin fever does me no good, no good at all.

Right, sentimental gush is over. Back to knitting a shonky scarf for winter.


  1. Ah dearest SarahFairy, words can’t express our massive love for the beautiful Hopkinson family.

    Now chow those calories Albie, plump up! Xxx

  2. Hang in there Sarah, you’re doing an awesome job – Albie is very lucky to have such tough and loving parents watching out for him while he goes through this hard staff. xx

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