Pimp my tray

We are currently the longest serving family on the cardiac ward and our brains are a bit silly after such a stint in hospital. The minutiae of everyday life on the ward has magnified beyond what is sensible. I count how many times I get the shower without waiting (twice this week), I plan the nights television schedule in advance (and enjoy Friday and Sunday the most), I am in love with the moveable tray table (that means that I can surf the internet while holding a sleeping baby) and each and every hospital meal is awaited with baited breath.

Each meal arrives and is, inevitably, a disappointment. Marcus took to ‘pimping my tray’ soon after our arrival here but only recently has such boredom set in that we have started taking photos of his culinary endeavours. And so I present the first and perhaps only instalment in the photo essay entitled, Pimp My Tray


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