such a perfect day..

photos from today – which was an immensely great day: sunshine, news we were going home next week, taking Albie out in his sling, walks in the Auckland Domain, lunch on K Road, friends a visiting. What Busy Bees in the sun! Bliss.

Albie asleep in the sling

Coffee at Auckland Museum
Albie sizing up Te Whiti Jack
Te Whiti Jack sizing up Albie
Reading a book together on the return home from lunch

All the beautiful photos taken by JJ – check out his photos on his blog The daily f stop.


  1. Cool pics! YAY for a great day out :-> And see Albie in the red suit – too cute! Is that the horse/fly book?

  2. I spoke to Marcus about an hour ago. Current plans involve Albie and co being transferred to Wellington Hospital tomorrow i.e. Thursday

  3. Great news that you folks are headed home!!!! Wrap the little guy up warm it’s a bit chilly down here 🙂

    • A bit chilly? Its positively baltic down here! 🙂 There is a lot to be said for Auckland’s climate, that is for sure. Hope you are doing good. In the future, when Wrigglesworth is full of vigour I will certainly bring him in for a visit.

  4. cool!! we’d all love to see you all – when the time is right!

    arohanui ki a tokotoru tangata toa

  5. You can tell from the interest he’s taking in the book that he’s one smart little cookie, just like his wonderful mum and dad. And I agree he’s soooo cute!

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