such a perfect day..

photos from today – which was an immensely great day: sunshine, news we were going home next week, taking Albie out in his sling, walks in the Auckland Domain, lunch on K Road, friends a visiting. What Busy Bees in the sun! Bliss.

Albie asleep in the sling

Coffee at Auckland Museum
Albie sizing up Te Whiti Jack
Te Whiti Jack sizing up Albie
Reading a book together on the return home from lunch

All the beautiful photos taken by JJ – check out his photos on his blog The daily f stop.


  1. I spoke to Marcus about an hour ago. Current plans involve Albie and co being transferred to Wellington Hospital tomorrow i.e. Thursday

    • A bit chilly? Its positively baltic down here! ๐Ÿ™‚ There is a lot to be said for Auckland’s climate, that is for sure. Hope you are doing good. In the future, when Wrigglesworth is full of vigour I will certainly bring him in for a visit.

  2. You can tell from the interest he’s taking in the book that he’s one smart little cookie, just like his wonderful mum and dad. And I agree he’s soooo cute!

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