The weight wait is over!

Wrigglesworth is back! He is putting on weight steadily, and with that, his energy has returned. Thank goodness – I didn’t like watching him sleep all the time, it was too unnerving.

He is doing so well, that we are getting transferred back to Wellington hospital early next week. It will be so nice to be back in our hometown, even if not quite home. We are going to stay there until we are rid of that pesky NG tube and then we are truly homeward bound! Excitement to the spf factor 30!


  1. Absolutely chuffed for you guys to hear you are heading back to Welly and all your posse there for support. I have been thinking of you heaps as we are in Oamaru visiting my new born nephew and it has reminded me how fragile little babies are- and thats without all the extra bits you guys have had to deal with. You are so amazing! I am inspired by your strength and love and think Marcus could pimp my tray any day! And my, isn’t that boy cute. The little one that is…

  2. That is such great news, and look at those adorable smiles, good to know you’ll be back in ole Welly.

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