Excited much?

We are now all settled into Wellington Hospital and its a huge shift from Starship. Everyone is waaaay less concerned about him, which should be reassuring to me, but is kind of odd after such an intense few months up north. What no blood tests? What no scans? Wheres the flurry of doctors?

It looks as though we will be able to go home pretty darn soon, which is beyond exciting. He is still very slowly putting on weight –  even though he is getting inundated with calories – so he will be going home complete with his nasal gastric tube jewellery so we can keep on pumping him full of the fat stuff.  I chatted with Wrigglesworth  today about the prospect of going home, and he was the embodiment of anticipation:

Such a cute lil’ man.


  1. Awe good to hear it little man, keep eating and you’ll soon be ready to take on those Wellington Pink Fish – if those pesky hobbits don’t them all. Lots of love, Cal n Ollie.

    Well done Marcus, keep up the strength. Our thoughts are with you and best vibes sent.


  2. Gosh, isn’t he a sweety? Much love you guys. Al and I have just moved in down the road so we can keep in closer contact! I hope you are all good. Lots of love! Riria

  3. YAY!!!!!! And that photo is just PRECIOUS! :-> I’m sure you will all do that bit better once you are snuggled in at home again – how exciting!

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