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  1. jameskilbride says:

    Adorable. Looking forward to having a long winded conversation with the wee guy soon. I’ll teach Albie how to keep a long story short!

  2. Sharna says:

    Oh that is too cute!!! He just looks delightful!

  3. Nichola Hopkinson says:

    so cute xxx

  4. hoaenz says:

    I just love how they talk with their whole bodies – so much effort goes into those coo’s – totally cute! Forget me coming down this weekend OR next – might have to be BOTH! :->

  5. Andrea Hopkinson says:

    My nephew is gorgeous…how cute!!!

  6. Andrew Polson says:

    Great stuff… He’s full of beans! There’s no stopping this guy…

  7. Cherie Boyd says:

    Albie, you are a darling, and so is the girl talking to you. You have got such good communication skills and are so happy because of all the love and talking your wonderful parents have given you.
    love to you all, Cherie

    1. Sweet video aye – I will have to take another, he is building whole chortling sentences now which is hilarious. Hope you have a super weekend with Inga up and that 42nd St is goign swell for Don xxxx

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