Home sweet home

So we are home. Its awesome. And terrifying. And great. And surreal. All at the same time.

Awesome – to come home to be greeted, not by the ramshackle house with the ramshackle path that we left behind – but a ramshackle house with a choice-as path! It seems in our absence from Wellington, stacks of our amazing friends and family chipped in funds and sweat and made the loveliest new access way to our whare. Its primo. As I was saying to Tama et al., it makes us feel so good to know that our new family has so many arms around us supporting us as we venture ahead with Albie and his heart. So thankyou to you all for making all the love we have so very apparent to us. Its so humbling, so, so humbling. Its hard to know how to thank you for being so gosh-darn-wonderful. I will get Tama to post some pics so you can see the exceptional man-work that took place.

Terrifying – to be responsible for Albie’s weight all our on lonesome. He is still having trouble feeding, so often needs a top-up down his nasal gastric tube but if you give him too much he vomits the whole lot, so its a bit of a balancing act. And on his first at-home weigh-in, he had lost weight which was a real clanger for our confidence. I just wish he would hurry up and grow into his shunt so that he can feed properly but the doctors reckon that is at least a kilo away. It feels so far away!

Great – to have Albie at home and start our journey as a family in our own space again. Its super exciting to be doing it all – giving him baths, tucking him up in his hammock to sleep, having him join us in bed in the morning, tying him onto me in the moby wrap and strolling around the neighbourhood. Dressing him in a squillion choice outifts. Poor dude hasn’t a chance when it comes to co-ordinated hat and socks, this mumma is crazy about it!
Sweet dreaming
And surreal too. It was summer when he was born and here we are at the start of winter and it feels as though we have only just begun. The time in Starship was time in a bubble, and now that hiatus is over and we are home, I am constantly seeing reminders around the house of what we thought we were in for. It seems a little foolish now looking back to have prepared so blindly for a healthy baby  – its odd for the world to so vividly show you that you have very little say in what happens next.
So yeah, that is where we are at the moment. Its far from perfect, certainly messy yet entirely, absolutely wonderful. Albie remains the most charming wee pup of a boy ever and its splendid to be home sweet home with him.


  1. Hi Darlinks,
    So glad to read your latest and that you and wee Albie are home sweet home. How cool to have a new path! What great mates. Jason Freya and I are fine although JJ had to sit on a jury for a double murder this week which was gruesome in many ways and totally sad for everyone involved. Life is so precious and seeing people we know fight for it makes something like that hideous beyond words. Life on the coast is surprisingly warm even with the rain, we want to use our new fire but there is really no need yet!! The liberated tree frogs are singing away outside and the chooks are growing their new feathers for winter and look quite ridiculous! Sarah happy happy mothers day for tomorrow Albie is So lucky to have such a stunning Mum like you, keep up the fantastic work. Lotsa love your friend Sarah

    • Oh heck – accessorising – thats a can of worms I shouldn’t open! So would I match a nappy bag to his onesie, or him to the pram, or me to him or his toys to his outfit – OMG the options, the options, internal combustion….

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