Midnight marauders

We decided to have a wee adventure in the early hours of the morning today.

After each feed, Albie gets a top-up of milk down his nasal-gastric tube to help him get fat and before we top him up, we aspirate the tube. This means that we suck out  a little bit of what is in his belly out with a syringe to make sure that the tube still leads to his stomach, and hasn’t moved surreptitiously to his lungs. You can imagine lungs aren’t that keen on deliveries of milk to them, so the aspiration is real important.

Anyhoo, last night we aspirated stacks of blood curdled in with the milk he had drunk. Gah! Alarm o’clock!! We bundled into the car and rushed back to ED to see what was going on down there. Albie was his normal content wee self, but I was petrified it was the start of yet another stint in hospital. I should have followed Albie’s cues though, because after a good check-out, it seemed that the end of the tube was irritating his stomach wall a bit and no big deal. Phewfies! No crisis at all.

Here is a photo of Albie on the emergency bed, looking pretty darn stunned at what can sometimes happen at 1am in the morning.


  1. Better safe than sorry eh?! I can totally relate to the feeling of being a new parent and wanting to do everything perfect. Every little scare seems more serious than anything else in your life. If you were like me when Freya was born you ‘d lots of research and get even more freaked out about stuff that turns out to be nothing at all! For you guys worries may seem even bigger because you have the history of the past months to give you reason to have concern. In the end you have to trust that these little people are pretty tough at the end of the day and get through lots of challenges (minor and MAJOR) and soon they start asking questions about sex and doing their own paper run and acting like street wise teenagers and you wonder why you ever worried at all. Love you guys. Keep up the great work. Jason

  2. He looks totally different in that pic! Super glad nothing was wrong! (and that would have had me to the A&E too). Hope tonight brings a little more sleep – or at least the usual amount!

  3. Hi Sarah, Marcus & Albie,
    I am so glad Sally added me to you wonderful blog, we are praying much for Albie who, by the way, I am in love with, you have such a gorgeous boy. I loved the little video of Albie chatting to and smiling at his Mum, so cute. I know you will both keep strong, you have a great support network around you and we will all (at church) continue to pray for for Albie.

    • Hi there June
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment, it is wonderful to know we have support flying to us from so many directions – and from so far away too. You’ve got a lovely one in Sally, she is an absolute diamond! Thanks for the prayers and love xx

  4. So scary in the middle of the night, you’re doing so well. I’m feeling for you all, he really is so cute and i love that his hat matches his blanket! He does look very shocked..xx

    • hey there beautiful – we looooove his Starship onesie, can’t wait till he fits it. Will certainly send you pics of that one! AND OF COURSE, his hat matches his blanket!!We were leaving the house in an emergency but that is still no excuse for a rashly chosen hat that clashes with blankie. No excuse at all. 😉

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