Fat Albert

The beautiful sight that appeared on the scales today. We say goodbye to 3 kilograms and a giant hello to 4!

His oxygen saturation levels have dropped a tiny bit too which is great as it means he is growing into his shunt and won’t be breathless for too much longer!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. May we consider this Fat Albert’s first ever Friday shout . I officially dedicate these Friday drinks to the little man. Or the not so little man as the case may be.
    Have a sweeeeeet one.

  2. Oh thats brilliant news!!! Go Albie, all that hard work is paying off team, he will be fitting into his superhero onesy before you know it xx

  3. Yay Albie and great work Sarah!!! Must feel great to see it all paying off. He’ll be in his 6 month old clothes in no time!! Look forward to seeing you all again soon xxxxxxxx

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