Homeward bound

So we fired off home to Taranaki for the long weekend. I say fired, but really mean to say, painfully made our way. The car was complete with one grumpy wee guy who was mystified as to why he needed to be strapped into his carseat and why he needed to sleep. The 4 1/2 hour car journey took a ridiculous 7 hours to get through. Ouch. We are soooooo flying next time.

But we got there in the end. It was lovely to be at my sisters and for Wriggleworth to hang with his cousins… with Master J….

and with Master A and Miss E…(a couple of these photos are actually from when they visited us but meeeh)

It rained and rained so we pretty much just mooched about the lounge. It was just what was needed. We had lovely family time together eating, admiring Wrigglesworth (at least that was what I was doing!) and chatting, chatting chatting.

And then tottled off back down the country in an equally trying car ride home. This time complete with a sleeping baby(yay), nightfog, shonky windscreen blades and pouring rain. Love it.

Thanks Anthea for taking such lovely photos of a lovely weekend. xx


  1. the gifts we are given are delightfull 😉 eyes and hearts open all the time so we dont miss any .also a treat to get new pics and info love to you all

  2. Hey you two,
    you and your boy are looking so lovely! It is great being at home eh? But yes, traveling is another matter when you’re with your chidlin. We braved a road trip to Whangarei over Easter and it was pretty darn horrible. At one point we were stuck in Auckland traffic for an hour with Scout crying all the way. We couldn’t stop, we couldn’t feed or soothe…Never again I say!

    Anyway, it is fantastic to see you all looking well and happy. Chubster is the cutest thing!

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