The next big fat Albie challenge

I have been a bit schtum on the blog because Wrigglesworth isn’t gaining any weight without his NG tube. In fact, he has lost some.  Its a bit depressing, but after lots of internet searching it seems its the bain of the cardiac parent here, there and everywhere. I was speaking with Carla Ward, who is the support leader for Heart Children here and she said she found weight gain more stressful than intensive care. And it is in a way. Endless, endless, endless worry. So we might just have to see a re-arrival of the NG tube. Find out on Tuesday. Fingers again crossed. 


  1. done…toes are crossed too..heck we’d cross our ears if we could!! love you lots mumma, pappa and baby bear xx

  2. The Rune sige Nyd meaning inner strenght ,courage in the face of the impossible ,hope .This we carry with us and this we open to are dear Albie. love to you all

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