Yay! After nearly a month of static weight and weight loss, Wrigglesworth has stacked on 270 grams in four days, weighing in now at 4.58 kilos or just over 10 pounds. That is a HUGE weight gain for him so we are very stoked indeed. The nurse said he is likely to stack on some pounds really quickly over the next few weeks as he has been starved of calories without the NG tube and his body is keen to grow. My initial misgivings about having a tube taped back on his face are now replaced with lashings of love for that pipe of plastic. So uncross fingers people, and pop your thumbs up – its the stuff of dreams.


  1. YAYYYYY!!!!!!

    Am so stoked to hear – that is the best news I have had all week! I was feeling sad for you Sarah with the NG tube back as I know it must feel like you are going backwards – so to hear that it has helped him put on that much weight so quickly just warms my heart.

    Love you guys – will talk soon xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. YAY!

    SUPER COOL!!!! Does make that plastic tube worth having. Can I be cheeky and ask for some chubby cheeks and general cleverness photos?? Just realised its been a month since I’ve seen him!!

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