Mid winter warmer

So its the winter school holidays here and we thought a jaunt north for some warmer weather was in order. Wellington is one cold beast at the moment.  Our itinerary – Auckland, the Coromandel for a couple of nights at the beach, a wee pop down to see Syleena, Josh and Te Whiti at Katikati for a couple of nights, then back to Auckland and back home. It was pretty awesome.

The Coromandel was lovely. We stayed in Megan’s grandparents stellar bach at Onemana and enjoyed empty beach walks, the wood fire and listening to the not-so-cool Kool FM, on the beat box in the lounge.


Mr Wrigglesworth has taken to facing outwards in the sling, unless he is tired in which case he’ll happily sleep against me. But if this boy is awake, by heck he is a citizen of the world and he Must See What Is Going On. Pretty darn cute.

Whichever way Albie is facing, he is a superstar in the sling. We even managed a round of pitch and putt while he slept. Yeehar.

It was soooo much warmer than down here, so even in the wind, the beach was awesome – and Albie just looooooved it.

After the Coromandel we went to see Syleena, Josh and the gorgeous Te Whiti at Katikati. We hung out, drank tea, ate delicious food and talked and talked and talked. So much talking was done in fact, I have scant few photos to share of our time there.

And then it was time to head back to Auckland. Before we tripped off back to the airport, we trotted around the zoo with the mighty Kobayash. It was great – although Wrigglesworth was either asleep or far more interested in the reflections off the glass than what was through the glass, but hey ho, we all started somewhere.


  1. Is Albie making progress or what????
    Just 5 months and he is already reading, visiting the zoo, being introduced to golf and with the way the weather is I won’t be surprised to see pictures of him skiing on Houghton Bay Road.
    And all that while continuing to charm everyone he meets and making steady progress in the weight-for-age stakes.
    Go Albie!!!

    • Cool eh Dad – he’s a cracker jack for sure. It is FREEZING here, 3.5 degrees, but with the wind it feels like -2. Who knows, maybe snow isn’t far away?! Needless to say, we aint out at the beach today!!! The heat pump and the heaters are working, working, working. xxx

  2. Oh my gosh that post just about made me cry with happiness for you all! What a great holiday, and I just love Albie’s talking at the beach – he is just such a star.
    Miss you guys heaps – definitely in need of a hang out this week!

    xxxxxxx Arohanui xxxxxxxxxx

  3. we are missing you terribly!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    and how CUTE are Albie’s little baby bear ears xx

  4. YAY for fab breaks away! Sounds wonderful! Hope the cold isn’t feeling too depressing to come back to. It has been cold outside here last fews days also – had snow flurry’s falling at our place yesterday! But the fire is keeping us a toasty 24-26 so if you need to come bake your bones for a few days in front of the fire feel free!!

    Albie continues to be the cutest thing ever! Could watch videos of him all day! Those little chubby cheeks and perfect skin – aw!! :->

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