Fat Albert II

A beautiful sight this morning at his weekly weigh in. 5.18 kgs, or to our UK family and friends, 11.4 pounds. He did slide in at just over five kilos last week but I didnt really believe it. This week I do! The kilo milestones are awesome and I love that they are getting closer together too! Can’t wait for the release of Fat Albert III 😉

We suspected he was fatter whilst bathing him so we took this video. Yeah, that’s Marcus and me, shamelessly documenting his new level of fat on both photo and video format. Hehehe


    • Cute eh?! I cant wait to take him to a proper swimming pool – I think he will really like it. Just got to wait till he is a bit stronger yet and perhaps for it to be a bit warmer too! Brrrrr! xxx

    • Hi there Michael and Judy
      Your Chloe came a visiting with beautiful textile gifts for our wee boy, a felted hat and a hand dyed tee with stitches. All too delicious! It was lovely to see her – we are going to try to come down to see you next school holidays xxx

  1. Who else is old enough to remember the song “Things are getting better all the time”. It seems appropriate some how

  2. Fantastic, love the video, warms my heart and makes me smile…..keep them coming, kisses to all…xxx

  3. Such great news ! Sorry I didn’t get to see you when you were in Auckland, but I was a bit busy with my own wee man in the UK. (who by the way is pretty damn delicious!)

  4. Hey what a little cutie, and he’s loving his bath… so glad he has broken through five kilos, now onward to six!

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