Cardiac update

We got a double rainbow at our house last Thursday evening. While we didn’t get as freaky as that guy about it, it certainly seemed a good omen for the Cardiac Starship Clinic the next morning. Wrigglesworth went in for a echocardiogram, an electrocardiogram and a chest x-ray and then we met with the cardiologist to discuss them. Wriggy is looking “tremendous” for his condition and they think it will be at least six more months before his open-heart surgery. Awesome news. His pulmonary stenosis has gotten more severe though, so just about all the blood flow to his lungs is via his shunt now. This is totally fine and dandy, as long as he catches no bugs. If he did, the shunt could potentially get blocked but  this is pretty uncommon so all in all we are pleased as punch. AND, as it is time to start solids, we hope we can get rid of the nose hose soon and get all his extra calories into him by secretly putting oil and avocado into everything.

He seems quite pleased with it so far.


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