Thanks so much for all the messages of love and support we have received since I posted the medical update.  We have been a bit low, for sure, but are certainly feeling a great deal better now – due in no small part to the lovely arms of love we have around us! Thank you  for all the support – you are all diamonds.


Its been beautiful, beautiful weather here and we’ve been enjoying it. We popped down to the beach at the end of our road last night. Albie has been there plenty of times but in cooler weather, and only ever in the sling. Yesterday, Albie sat on the beach and delighted in playing with the sand. And eating a rock. And eating sand. It was pretty cool. I am trying to stop my mind from reaching ahead to what we have to do next, and just start loving the joy we have in today.


    • Your lovely little family is in our minds and hearts Sarah and Marcus. I can only imagine the anticipation and worry you must be going through thinking about future operations etc. Living in the moment is the only way to live though, I think you are on to something really important there. That’s how children live. Looking at your pics of last night reminds me of the beach in Wellington and what joy there is for a child eating sand and rocks! You guys have so much love and it makes me feel awesome just to know you. Albie is so Lucky. The irony is that your thoughts as an adult weigh heavy but he has the blessing of being able to live freely, eating rocks and sand and whatever else he may lay his hands on, exploring this amazing world, with no burden of what the future may bring. We can all take a leaf from that book! Massive aroha and, of course, the ongoing unconditional offer of any support we can give you, Jason.

      • Thanks man – a skype when hospital time comes close or is happening would be great! Catch you soon. Thanks a lot for your messages. x

  1. Glad to hear you guys are feeling a bit beta. Kia kaha and much aroha streaming down from the Naki!!! Love the new pics, super cute xxx

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