And so we go…

Starship called this morning – and Albie will be admitted to the Paediatric Heart Ward on Monday morning. There is still no date for the Rastelli operation though.  The surgeon is a bit concerned that Albie is not as big as they would like for the valve replacement, so there is no plain sailing straight to the operating table just yet. They are starting out with a couple of days of tests and reviews to see where he is at and then they will decide. Its been another tough day.


  1. Hi Guys,

    Hope all goes well with the tests. You are all in our thoughts this Xmas. May it turn out to be a good one. Sending much Love & best wishes for the coming weeks.

    Pete & Vic Xxx

  2. Ughhh, my heart hurts for you. Waiting and uncertainty, the suckiest of sucky things. I hope his tests are conclusive (and good, and say you can go home and come back in January) and that a plan is made. Hang in there. It’s not easy to wait until the day comes for surgery, and it will come too quickly, but soon enough it will be over and behind you and it will feel like a fuzzy dream as you watch him grow and walk and THRIVE. My thoughts are with you, hoping for good outcomes.

  3. Hang in there guys, it’s such a tough time for you. You have been in my thoughts a lot and I’m sending you the very best of wishes that all goes well and a lot of love too. xxxx

  4. Kia kaha whanau. We will be sending good positive thoughts your way. Albie you do some good growing boy and give Mum and Dad lots of smiles xxx

  5. What a little Darling he is. I am so sorry you are all having such a rough time. I like it that you let us know. You have such courage, it is inspirational. Special prayers for Albie! And for you too. Keep us posted.

    Much love

  6. Will be thinking of you all.And wishing for you all the good things that you need and deserve!!!


  7. Lovely photo guys, and thinking of you three as you get ready to take Albie to Starship today. I feel sure there will be some good news to be had, so you will feel as if you are moving forward…


  8. Hey there lovely people. I hope the tests are going ok and there is some positive news on the horizon. We’ve been thinking about you all the time and sending our aroha and positive vibrations your way. Kia kaha. xxx

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