Mister Wrigglesworth’s first Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

We went to the beach and lay on a rug under a tree and watched Albie play all day. I did take a book, and we took cards to write too, but gosh-darn it I can’t take my eyes off our boy at the moment! We ate yummy food and opened some pressies too, but that all also paled for us as Wednesday is soooo front and centre on our minds.

It was a great day relaxing, away from Ronald Mcdonald House and the hospital- swims, sleeps and giggles.

We stayed out for the whole day – and even a bit longer too, as our borrowed car konked out on the way home just as we were about to enter the motorway. Awesome that was not! But what was awesome was the lady who pulled over and gave us a ride home. Her name was Lynda from Levin and she had premature twins twenty years ago. One of them had a heart condition and he is rocking it these days. It was lovely to talk with her and there were hugs all around when she left us at the house. Don’t you think its serendipitous that of all the people that could have picked us up this evening, that it was a Heart Mum that did? Pretty cool if you ask me.

Hope you have had splendid festive times filled with love, peace and gratitude,

xxx Sarah, Marcus and Albie.


  1. Glad to hear the corolla played a part in getting you to the beach and connecting you with a heart mum. At first i was upset it died but now i know it had a plan. Toyotas always know whats best for us!

  2. That is such an awesome thing, well done Lynda from Levin. Not only do heart babies rock – so do twins! Sending lots of love to you guys.

  3. He is just gorgeous and love the beard Albie is working on, he is going to love you on his 21st!! I think Lynda was sent, it is amazing how the right people appear when you need them. Loads of love to you all, will be thinking about you.
    Merry Christmas,
    Helen & Steve x

  4. Merry Christmas to you and yours. What a wonderful story about Lynda from Levin. Albie has such an amazing smile. My kids, Alyssa and Louis, are following Albie’s journey too. His journey reminds us all to stop and be grateful for the little moments during every day, thank you for sharing it. xxxxxx

  5. We all here in Blenheim had a moment and thought of you yesterday. Massive hugs and kisses to you and especially that gorgeous boy Albie!!!! His smiles light up the world!! Im heading up to Taupo on the 28th so closer to you and I will pause at moments and send prayers to you all.
    Heaps of love from both Grant families (Terry and Kath here too) and really look forward to seeing you all soon when you come home!!

  6. Merry Christmas to you all! Sarah, Albie is just so divine and looks so very happy. I’ll be thinking of you on Wednesday, and praying that it all goes well. A very good friend of mine is a NICU nurse and knows a lot of the staff at both Auckland Hospital and Starship. She tells me that Albie will be in the best hands he can possibly be in. I know you have probably been told this already, but it can’t hurt to hear it again (-:

    big (((((hugs))))), best wishes and lots of love,
    Shelley xxx

  7. Merry Christmas beautiful Hopkinsons 😀 Will be thinking of you Wednesday and sending all the positive vibes I can your way – Albie will be a star as always i’m sure xxx
    Loads of love and hugs,
    Rach xxx

  8. Awesome pics, and I’m glad to read you had a good day out!
    I’m thinking of you all and will be keeping all my fingers crossed tomorrow. I can relate to your not being able to keep your eyes off Albie. I felt I couldn’t keep my eyes off Daniel the closer my back surgery came. But look at that gorgeous smile – he’ll keep that and imagine how much he’ll be rocking once his heart can keep up with his smiles! He’ll be chasing Daniel around the block in no time!
    Love, Rebecca 🙂

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