Rollercoaster Park!

This story has as many twists and turns as a cheesy blockbuster. When we were sent away to Ronald McDonald House for Christmas, we had been told by his cardiologist that we would be coming back for surgery on Wednesday 28th. They had investigated his diet, looked at his calorie intake, and decided there was no other way to get him to put on weight so it was time to get the surgery done.

To get a call to come back into hospital on Monday 26th to investigate his diet, and how to put weight on him again, was confusing to say the least. It was what we had done the week before. It did  seem odd, but the surgeon was adamant that we needed to check, so we agreed. We tried to tell him that it was what we had done with the dietitian already, but he didn’t seem to believe us.

Anyway, it all unravelled yesterday. Our cardiologist went away on annual leave, and the notes on the work they did with the dietitian the previous week weren’t handed over properly. The surgeon picked up our medical notes and didn’t get any of the information about the investigations that had already been made into his diet – and so rightly, got us in to start it all again.

Once those that knew what had happened prior to Christmas arrived back and saw us again doing the feed and calorie charts  that we had done the week before, it all got sorted out. The cardiologist on the ward at the moment called it a ‘monumental messup’ and apologised profusely for mucking us around so much.

But it does remain that the surgeon would like him bigger and has said he would like to wait. So, they are meeting again to decided one way or the other. It will be surgery, or we will be going home to put more weight on at Albie pace (ie. very, very slowly).

Its hard not to be a little upset at all of this, but no harm has been done and its all been in the interest of Albie, so its okay. And mistakes do happen, and its a bad time of year for staff changes, so we understand, its just a bit dumb we got caught up in it all.

So now we are waiting nervously. Marcus said its like Surgical X Factor – we are either in or going home. And the drumroll is taking FOREVER.

Will update you when we find out.

One comment

  1. Sheesh a bit messy. But yes, at least they are still focussing on doing what’s right for Albie. Wishing a smoother ride for the next few weeks!

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