The many faces of CHD

Its Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week in the States from the 7-12th February and CHD Awareness Day right here in New Zealand on Valentines Day. On Pinterest, which is an online pinboard for sharing images, a pinboard of  The Faces of CHD has been created.  It shares some of the many stories, from some of the many people living with a CHD and links to a number of different blogs. There are now over 150 entries on the board and its growing and growing.  As a CHD parent perusing the board,  it makes for some pretty moving reading. Its beautiful to read about where kids are at three years, at eight, at ten and as adults – but by jingos, its obvious that Albie has only just begun… one step at a time Sarah. One step at a time.

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If you are a CHDer, or parent to a child with a CHD, and would like to share your story too, the details about how to add to this Pinterest board are here.


  1. Hi Sarah and Marcus,
    We are thoroughly enjoying getting your updates on your wee man, he is just such a treasure.
    We are in Southland at the moment,Fiona and I have been fruit picking apricots and Nectaries, n cherries in Central Otago, am now at Fionas doing the bottling process, they look so nice in a kitchen!
    We now have 11 grandchildren, the latest being Jessica Hopkins born 3 weeks ago, she is Stewarts daughter and looks so much like him.
    Anyway I had better rattle, We think of you a lot.
    Love Auntie Adie and Uncle David

  2. Go you Sarah for sharing Albies story too so other CHD parents can be supported and learn from your journey too. And thankyou for allowing us along also! Almost a year already!!! Hard to believe!

    • Always love reading your updates and so glad to hear he is doing better!

      That photo with the earphones is a total crack-up.


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