First Birthday Delight

Albie’s birthday parrty was a peach of a day – filled to the absolute brim with family and friends and food and music and love, love, love.  Albie was rightly spoiled rotten with chocolate cake and a billion amazing presents. It was the best way to celebrate his first wonderful year.

Tama nui te ra was smiling

Marcus preparing the yard
Jase cooking up a storm
My beautiful niece Elida and the Albinator hanging out

Aunty Judyne (Mum’s sister) and my Dad

About to try on his first pair of sunnies – Thanks Pam!

Everyone singing ‘Happy Birthday’
Albie just soaked up his Happy Birthday song
“I’ll just stamp that out, rather than blow it out, thanks”

Uh oh. Cake in the eye.
Birthday Boy

A new kind of party aftermath
No lost cellphones or wallets – but two misplaced sippy cups. The times they are a’changing
Tuckered out

Thanks to Jason and Jules for all the work in the kitchen preparing exceptional food for us all to enjoy, to the Brown family for boosting it down from the Naki to be with us and help set everything up – including Asher who appears to be a young origami crane master, to Dad for also getting down from Taranaki for the day – it was amazing to have you here, and to all the birthday wishes from near and far.Thank You. Albie is a lucky, lucky, lucky Birthday Boy and we, as a family, are blessed to the hilt to have you all.


  1. How relaxed does he look munching on his cake?! Beautiful photos of a clearly beautiful day! Lots and lots of birthday love x x X

  2. Sooooooo jealous I couldn’t be there with all you lovelies! Sloppy kisses to all, hope to see you soon.
    🙂 x0x0x0 😉

  3. Such beautiful photos Sarah, I love getting updates from the Albinator, but this birthday special was particularly O for awesome!
    So much love !

  4. Sorry for the late one – it was an AWESOME celebration – thank you SO MUCH Albie, & mum and dad for inviting us to your COOL party with your COOL family & friends – Immanuel had an especially good time playing on Albie’s swing pushed by Anna & Ants. Hope Albie got some good rest after an action packed day!

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