Happiest of Happy Birthdays today going out to my Hubble. You are my absolute love.

Back in the beloved homeland

I thought I knew who I was marrying, but I did not know the plum depths of you at all. Our first year of parenthood has been glorious and hard. If it weren’t for you right here beside me, holding us together all the way, I may well have just whirly-gigged right off into the stratosphere at some point back there never to return.

Happy Tramper

So thankyou hubble – for keeping me grounded, for being a splendid ‘Dadda’ to our boy and for keeping our humour intact through the stinkiest of times. Thanks too for the more than adequate supply of canned goods in the pantry. Although, that said, we do not need any more tins of beans until July at the very earliest.

Smooches and three cheers my love. You deserve it all.


  1. You two make me smile and smile and smile and some more smiling……

    Happy birthday Marcus

    Gleni XXX

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