And he’s off!

Finally moving! He started a funny wee crawl the afternoon of his birthday party.   I was a little worried that there was something wrong with one of his legs as he was dragging it around like a dead weight, but no, thankfully he was just sorting out his limbs.  Now he crawls all about the house, a man on a mission. Favourite places to try to get to before I get to him are of course the toilet, the rubbish tin, the doors and the power sockets. Time to get child proofing!

So proud of him. The development therapist that is working with him is super impressed with how his gross motor skills are progressing in relation to his oxygen levels. He is such a champ – seeing that nappied bum crawl away from me on an adventure is just the coolest, coolest thing! Go Albie, go!


  1. Man o Man – time to sort out our power sockets, get some gates, remove the plants, check where we put our cups of teas etc…Great to get some normal parenting happening. 🙂

  2. Yay! Knew you could do it Albie! An entire year of non mobile baby is a treat best appreciated in retrospect 🙂
    Its all on now! Go Albie Go!
    Will ensure stair barriers are arranged here too 🙂

  3. Hi Sarah, came across this looking at your big shwop blog. Congrats on your marriage and your beautiful little boy – he is just gorgeous! Looks like you’ve had a tough year, but your blog is amazing, you’re an inspiration! I hope future treatment goes well for your little one and we will keep you guys in our thoughts and prayers.

    xxx Sharee (ex-next door neighbour!).

      • We’re good thanks. In Lower Hutt and baby boy no.4 (Nathan) is just over 3 months old. Ben and Jake are coming up 7 in June and Caleb is 3 next week – busy times!

  4. I wonder if the cord on the buzzy bee looks like a nasal tube to him? Great to see he’s off. What mischief he can get up to now 🙂 Great stuff!

  5. How gorgeous! I love the expression crawling babies have on their faces. A mixture of pride, determination and the realisation that they can get up to soooo much mischief now!

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