Going at Albie speed

So we trotted off to WOMAD music festival to live the life festival-fantastic. Tent? Check. Festival trousers? Check. Wide assortment of cardiac medications and high-calorie food? Check. Bottle of Moet* to celebrate our awesomeness at getting there? Check.  A baby with a oncoming virus too? Check. Lets go.

The festival was great to begin with. Thwarted part-way through though by Albie getting a nasty fever and a hospital admission…. Yuuus! I love hospitals. Which is lucky really, as we are fast collecting the North Island set.

He just had a virus, nothing any other baby can’t handle, but because his oxygen levels are low, they wanted to check he was able to cope with what he had caught okay so they admitted us. The next day as he was dealing with the bug just fine we were allowed on leave. We didn’t go back to the festival, instead we slowed down a couple of gears and went a little early to stay at my sisters house for the week. Which was lovely. Albie slowly went back to his happy, normal self and we said goodbye to his temperature.  It was so great to see Albie playing with his cousins and to hang out with his proud Aunty and Uncle some more.

AND, thanks to Imbali, an aloof Rhodesian Ridgeback and Dingle, a doting Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Albie is now saying ” Woof Woof” at anything that even vaguely resembles a dog.

“That is an owl, Albie. Hoot, Hoot.”

“And that is a frog, Albie. Croak, Croak.”

But there is no telling him, “Woof Woof. Woof Woof.” he says.

Albie speed, which perhaps doesn’t encompass music festivals quite yet,  really isn’t so bad.

* The Moet remains unopened. 


  1. Mummy & Daddy Albie – you both are just AMAZINGLY INSPIRING:):) Had to have a wee chuckle at your “yusss I love hospitals” – just on Monday we were at the hosp for nearly 3 hours – only 20 min for our actual visit. As we were leaving our Obsterician says, “are you just leaving now?!” & we say, “ooh we’ve just been chilling out” – funny how our beautiful kids, who need more help than usual from our doctors & nurses, change our lenses..for the good I say! HEAPS OF CHEERS FOR THE ALBINATOR!!! Malos xx

  2. That is a children’s book, right there! I’m sure of it. Just the title makes me think of cool illustrations.

  3. Festival speed is infinite, there is no time for it…. there is always time for it. Albie time is priceless. He is your star. Your shining light of goodness! You know what is true and real. You are amazing, kia kaha to you and the world that surrounds you, from us your friends where the sun sets crimson red with love..

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