Heart Stoppers

This time last year, things were very different. We were residents at Ronald McDonald House and Albie was in the High Dependency Unit of Starship Hospital. He had just had his shunt put in, had just had part of his bowel die, and was fighting a good fight.

In was a terrifying time, one that makes me teary in an instant. But why I bring it up is this. During that time of confusion, of bewilderment, of love and worry was the people from @heart. Everyday, Marie or Kate would visit with open ears and a patient, understanding shoulder. @heart provided us with some financial help for the cost of being away from home, yes, but more than that they provided emotional support. I am a strong person, but it was so good to have someone tell you that everything is going to be okay.

And it is. Look at these two! Trouble!

@heart are a great support organisation, looking after heart families like us the country over. Their major yearly fundraiser, The Heartstopper Challenge is on at the end of this month, and we thought it was only right that we get involved in  helping raise some money for the work that we have benefited from.

So Marcus and his pals are The Albinators, a team participating in the Wellington Heartstopper Challenge on the 28th April. Sponsor them to sit in a pool of ice water for five minutes and support @heart. Check their fundraising page out here – already $1000 raised!!! So awesome!

Oh and if you have any great ideas for costumes they should wear in the pool, do share. I think they should dress as penguins.  That’d be funny.

A team in last years event

And if you felt like sharing this post with your friends that’d be cool too.

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