Rabbit in a hat

The long Easter weekend has been unexpectedly remarkable. A time where we celebrated some special occasions, hung out in some special places, reunited with dear family and friends and even got to meet the latest addition to the George crew. All that, combined with spectacular autumnal sunshine, and we enjoyed some serious revitalisation. What a rabbit in a hat!

It started off with our wedding anniversary – we went out to a supremely yummy Vietnamese place and toasted ourselves.

So admittedly, we were standing at the restaurant door waiting for them to open, and yes, that is a  bang empty restaurant, but it was still awesome.

And then it was off to Taranaki, to catch up with my brother who was back from London.

 Spending time with Granddad

 Hanging at the playground in the Best. Swing. Ever.

Hanging with Uncle Andrew

It seemed appropriate to stay at Wai iti, the place we got married and it was so great to be back there again. We now have photos in the frame by that beach from our wedding day, eight months later of me with my big pregnant belly, and now of Albie crawling through it. I should put them all side by side. Its become a very special place to us.

 Wai iti beach with Mt Taranaki looking stunning in the background

 Albie watching Papa Bear go for a chilly sea-swim.

 Marcus on his way back from a decidedly short swim. Five minutes it was not Mr Heart Stopper!

And then we booted it across the country to the Hawkes Bay, in a car journey that shall not be remembered, to visit Ruby and Joy and their nearly-new bundle, Ngaio Delilah. To call her cute does her a disservice. Really. She is just too, too exquisite. I forgot how baby a baby really is.

It was so choice to witness Joy and Ruby as parents too. Oh my heart.

A lovely walk along Haumoana Beach.

Albie’s new favourite game – Buzz!

Joy and Ngaio –  At Home.

So yeah, it was a totally splendid break.


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