Taking the plunge

Thanks to everyone who got behind The Albinators and supported their valiant, nay brave, quest to sit in an inflatable pool of iced water for five minutes. In the end, The Albinators raised $6365 $6935 for @heart – the second highest fundraising effort. So many family and friends, and then their family and friends supported the cause. Thanks so much……

The day of the Challenge dawned nasty, the kind of Saturday that you definitely want to stay indoors for. Squally showers and gusty winds. But brave The Albinators were, and after a coffee in a cafe and a quick change into their regalia, they were ready to do battle with the King of Cold.

And so I present to you, The Albinators (left to right): Rob, Marcus, Jason, Tama, Jimmy and Matt.  They looked swell as Vikings. I should have taken some photos of their costume details. Jimmy K had the best suede loin cloth going on. Jason had refashioned an op-shop find into a fetching viking sleeveless number and sourced a near ridiculous set of matching sunnies. And check Matt’s belt out. Yeah. They were Totally Viking.  Oh and their capes? That’s red weed matting that we will reuse in the garden. Waste not, want not people. Although what we will do with six Viking helmets, six daggers and six pairs of greaves is yet to be decided. Anyway, I digress…. They looked amazing.

This is the team right before they were due to plunge. And me and Albie. Everyone seems rather pleased. I certainly look about as proud as punch can get. I think I was. 

And so to the event. The brief  was simple – spend five minutes sitting in ice water.

Here they are as they took the plunge. Grimace! That be looking pretty cold boys.

And pain – Rob gets cramp in his knees. Ouch.

Comraderie sees them through the battle.

The five minutes whizzed by. At least they did on the sidelines. And The Heartstopper Challenge for The Albinators was over. I barely got a chance to snap them they were out of there so quick. One can’t imagine why.

Straight to the spa to warm back up those chilly, chilly bones.

Victory to The Albinators.

So its a big well done to Jase, Tama, Matt, Jimmy K, Rob and Marcus. You guys are such champions for getting stuck into the Heartstopper Challenge in such a big way. And thanks to the considerable support crew who came out to stand on the sideline on a very inclement morning. And big ups to @heart too for putting together such a cracker fundraiser.

Warm fuzzies  for a chilly event all round really.


  1. PS – couldn’t have done it without you all. Sarah you and the boys have been amazing. Thanks to all our friends and families for raising the second highest amount in NZ! Well done us. xx

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