Such great heights

ven though we’ve lived here for like, ever, Wellington still throws out surprises. Lil’ secret spots tucked away just ready to wow . Mt Kaukau is quite a lump of a hill so its hardly little, or secret, but tucked away in Khandallah we had never walked to the top. And on Sunday we did and by heck was it worth it.

Views to the South Island one way. Views to the city the other.  One deliciously happy Albie. A doting Dad and a stoked me. The most scenic picnic table in the land. Autumnal sunshine without a breath of wind. And a sleep on the way back down.

Sunday = Funday.


  1. Thought I’d let you know – we have Albie’s picture on our fridge. Every triumph of his has been celebrated tenfold in our family and we love to know whats happening with him. He is just a wee dude! Vicki Briant/Kelso

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