Our Iggy Peck

After months of smashing the towers down, all of a sudden he is all about building them up. And boy does he love it! Spend a few minutes with our boy and witness the real-time highs and lows of building blocks. Its big stuff here people, big stuff.

Iggy Peck Architect, is an awesome story book given to Albie by Riria when he was a dot. Its nearly as awesome as she is.


  1. Bless his little cotton socks. I can’t wait to see the Eiffel Tower built from nappies, or is it a castle built from old CDs? In any case, Albie Iggy is brilliant. XOX

  2. Loving all the parroting he is doing! Too cute and the comedic timing! As for a stack of 6 at his age – genius!

  3. Gripping! That was Olympic-level block-tower building. I loved the zoom-ins at crucial moments, too.

  4. wow, that fine motor skill at his age!! He’s a reallly developing fast… And you guys have done a marvelous job of keeping the world updated.

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