A truly happy farewell

These winter days are slowly ticking by, and we get closer and closer to going back to Starship. I’ve blathered on about it before, but I’ll say it again – its hard work waiting around for something so inevitable. There’s only so much waiting you can do before going slightly potty. I would make it happen tomorrow if I could . I really, really would.

Another gorgeous photo from Jase. 

So, in this hiatus, Marcus and I are trying to just focus on enjoying what we have and all the good that will be coming from this next step. Once he is on the other side of the Rastelli operation, Albie’s circulation will be normal and so his oxygen levels will finally be 100%. Its going to be mega. Albie on full volume? BRING IT ON!

His energy and calorie needs will become normal too. And this’ll mean we’ll get to say a VERY fond farewell to all of Albie’s bumpf.

This is just some of Albie’s bumpf:

I thought I had better diary all the gear that’s been following our lil’ boy around each and every day. Because in just a few weeks, we get to bid adieu to it all – the nasal gastric tube, the top-ups, the high fat supplement, the diuretics, the laxative, the blood thinner, the giving set, the litmus paper, the flushes, the TAPE that hurts my baby’s cheeks – it’ll all not be needed. It’ll all be done with. This bumpf has been a very physical reminder, many times each day, that our boy is not well. And imagining not needing it? Is also imagining a much healthier Albie.

Its all getting so close now.

As a side note, it seems that Mr Hill my 5th form Science teacher was actually proven right. Litmus paper does serve a function in the real world. I was a doubter – sorry about that Bruce. 


  1. Bye bye bumpf…woop woop..catch you up!! and i cannot believe you DOUBTED in your Science class. Science teachers know it ALL you know….kisses to you all Sweetheart

  2. Hasta la vista bumpf! hola healthy Albie!xx all the best with your trip and Big O!!xxLou, Marty and Angus

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