Taranaki – a place like no other.

We had the best weekend at home hanging out with family – walking on the beach, enjoying the most delicious coastal spa pool ever, standing under the mighty snow-covered Taranaki and sussing how we can support Albie best over the next wee while.

It was a weekend filled with rest and peace and gratitude. Helped significantly, I should add, by great lashings of mid-winter sunshine. And standing under Mount Taranaki – that mighty maunga always makes me feel grounded. Always.

“The challenge is to be at peace, amid all the turmoil that life brings. This life is beautiful. It is. And its beauty only begins to be appreciated the moment you accept it – not question it, or challenge it. Whatever may happen.”         – Maharaji


  1. Beautiful babe, beautiful family, beautiful quote. I strive to be at peace with whatever may come. Didn’t know there was someone who’d said it so eloquently.

    • Thanks Alyssa. Maharaji says all sorts of sage and inspiring things. We just had a catch up read of your blog. STOKED Henry is doing so well! Go boy! And I feel that I should share with you that we are buying a family sized tent for summer time camping here in December too. Great stuff. Love across the seas to you and yours

  2. It was just awesome to spend time with you the other day, Albie is indeed such a treasure.
    If you would like to catchup with Matthew (lives at Bayswater North SHore), at anytime you are up there he would love to see you and I can give you his No. 09 4466037.
    Take Care and thinking of you
    Adie n David

  3. You are a truly remarkable family. I am inspired by you and the photos of the mountains and loving family. Thank you for sharing so much of your journey.Yes I agree, Albie is a treasure and he knows it! Just look at him! He knows he is adored and treasured! Much love and prayers always,

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