Reality Bites…

It was only a sedated echo. A way for them to get a really good look at Albie’s heart before the operation. But he had fought the sedative so hard – thrashing and crying and vomiting across the floor. The minutes were long before he thankfully gave into it.  Steel yourself Sarah. There are going to be so many harder, and bigger, steps to be taken from here than this.


  1. Am right with you, Sarah as are so many others, holding our breaths for you, loving you and Marcus and Albie. Gleni xxxx

  2. he is a powerful human being and he will continue to bexxxxx he loves to know whats going on don’t want to miss a sec ;-)))))

  3. We echo Gleni’s comments as above Sarah. Keep the faith.
    Love and Best Wishes,
    Helen and Steve, in good old Lancashire

  4. Oh that is hard Sarah. The good thing is that although you won’t forget these hard bits, Albie is so young he won’t remember them when he gets older. Love and hugs to you
    , my heart hurts for what you are going through. Albie has such a great mama and a great papa. Hang in there xxxxx

  5. Sarah, your heartbreakingly candid entries of how above all else a parents love for their child will conquer the hardest tasks, continues to make me so eternally grateful that people like you and Marcus were put on this earth to remind us all of what a family really is. Your family is one I hold very dear and I cannot wait to see the 3 of you on the other side of this “mini break”. Sending you more love than a letter can hold. xxx

  6. Hi Sarah,
    Aunty Tui ,Irene,Janice and James are with you all the way Sarah & Marcus . From our personal experience with John Sarah I know Our Loving God will carry you all through this . Your cousin Janice mannex

    • Sonny, Tom and I are thinking of you guys! He’s a strong wee fella, who knows that lifes worth fighting for! Let’s hope it is Tuesday for everyone’s sakes!

  7. We have been quietly following your journey from halfway around the world, but have walked nearly the same foot steps. Each time a surgery was postponed my husband and I felt that terrible wave of reprieve, and disappointment. If only we had known, the relief that would come after, we can’t wait for your family to be on the other side of this surgery!
    Our little heart family in Canada is sending all of our positive energy your way. My son Cooper is nearly 1 year old and 4 months post Rastelli, and we are so grateful!
    Our hopes and prayers are with Albie. Stay strong!

  8. I will keep you all, and all his surgical team/the entirety of Starship (because you never know, who’s going to pop in and make all the difference) in my thoughts until I hear the good news. Hoping his surgery and recovery goes smoothly and quickly and he’s back in your arms in no time. Stay strong, stay in the moment, focus on the now. These kids are tough.

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