There’s Klingons on the starboard bow

This is long-winded and a totally unnecessary read.

Albie’s had five surgery dates so far that haven’t gone ahead. I feel like we are the boy that cries surgery, the amount of times we thought it was on and then it wasn’t. At the beginning of this week, we were told that the surgery would be on Friday, and that they would fly us up on Wednesday so that we could do the pre-operation stuff on Thursday. Sweet. Great. Let’s pack. Let’s go.

On Tuesday, as I was busy packing our bags, Starship called to say that surgery was  postponed again and we wouldn’t be flying up the next day after all. Oh rats. Oh blast.  Victoria took this magic photo of Albie beside his suitcase not long after that phone call. He seemed pretty gutted too. I looked at my half-packed bag and began contemplating yet another mini break. There really is only so long you can hole up in your lounge avoiding winter bugs.

On Wednesday, as I was facing the aforesaid day in the aforesaid lounge avoiding the aforesaid winter bugs, Starship called again. I say Starship called, but I actually mean Kshama called. She is  their incredibly lovely Surgical Booker. I think Starship must purposefully employ really lovely people to such difficult positions. Ain’t no way I could get upset with Kshama on the other end of the line – no way at all. Anyway, I digress.

On Wednesday, Kshama called. The surgery was back on and we were going to fly that afternoon as planned. Elation! Yippee! Quickly followed by a blindpanicmad scramble around the house packing for our time away. Albie was left far too long to play with the pots and pans, Marcus whizzed home from work, the indoor plants didn’t get a water but I did change the sheets for the housesitter and turn all the sockets off, the car seat got lost by the airline, and many hours later we arrived sideways at Ronald Macdonald House at Starship Hospital in Auckland.

We are here. Here we go.

But if you’ve stuck with me through this diatribe about surgery, transport and cancellations (as fascinating as it is) it’ll come as no surprise that today, Albie’s surgery was postponed yet again. This time to Tuesday. But please, please people, lets not be holding our breaths on that okay?

We’ve no hospital commitments tomorrow, we did all that today. So we’ve decided that this situation clearly calls for a trip to Kelly Tarlton’s. Perhaps we’ll be getting that mini-break after all.

There’s Klingons on the Starboard Bow?  A lyric from what truly must be one of the worst songs of my childhood.  Track One of Side B of one of my brother’s compilation tapes. 



  1. Rats. Kia kaha e hoa. Am not surprised you are getting a bit of cabin fever at the moment and I hope you do get the chance to relax and have a bit of fun. I bet that when they actually operate, it will take a little time to accept that it’s really happening. Heaps of love to you all.

  2. I’ve been following your rollercoaster ride through Anthea…wishing you guys ALL the very best in the coming days! Strength and peace. Sharon

  3. Given the amount of waiting, reorganising, waiting, adjusting, reorganising, etc… that was a very restrained post. Hopefully this last wait will be short – and the last one!:-)

  4. And now that song is in my head……. other appropriate lyrics from it perhaps
    ‘only going forward cause we can’t find reverse’ and ‘It’s life Jim but not as we know it’ – hang in there guys!

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