Here we are…

the night before surgery. The consent forms are signed and Albie’s surgery is scheduled for an 8am start.  I really do just want to hold Albie in my arms all night. But I also don’t want to worry him. So our boy is bathed, in new pyjamas, clean asleep beside me.   I need to go look at him  some more so this will be short.

Tomorrow he’ll go into the theatre at 8am, for at least six hours. In the middle of that, his heart will be stopped for  2-3 hours while they do the Rastelli repair. When he is off bypass, when his heart has been started and is beating again, they will call us. Waiting for that phone call is going to be real tough I know. Tears well in my throat at the thought…..Anyway, after they’ve called, I will update the blog briefly so you know he is off bypass as well, particularly as it will be the middle of the night in the UK .

Thanks again for the oodles of love and support we’ve been receiving, its a beautiful, beautiful thing. Oh, and we did go see some sharks the other day. It was great fun. As you can see below. Oh my boys.



  1. Will be thinking of you guys and praying for you all for a good night’s sleep tonight and for the surgery tomorrow xx

  2. Healing vibes going out to all of you! Wee Albie will be in great hands. All my love and I will be watching the clock with you tomorrow. I hope you get some sleep x x x x

  3. Albie, you are the King of Hearts. Your heart is touching the depths of all our hearts across the globe. I think you are all the HopKINGson family xo

  4. No matter how tough the journey seems tomorrow, shine bright as you already know the outcome.

    Our little family has followed and been so inspired by you and the boys – you are all in our thoughts!

    From little girl Albi to little boy Albie!

  5. Sending loads of love and positive thoughts for you all in the scary hours to come. You are truly an inspirational family. Big Bentley hugs to you, Albie! X

  6. Hi, Sarah and Marcus we will all be thinking and praying for all involved today and over the recovery period. Janice mannex

  7. I have been thinking of you guys so much over the past week, super good vibes coming your way Mr Albie, you are such a star already, mum and dad hang tough and you are both totally amazing – big big love and hugs XXX

    • We’ll be thinking of you, and sending out all the healing vibes from Houghton Valley! Lots of love to all of you guys! Kia Kaha, Kia manawanui, Rach, Tom , Sonny and Spud xxx

  8. In Swedish Albert means strong as a bear and of course lets not forgot husband to the great Queen. On another note its also a name of a peach in Canada so you know….
    Big love and purrs from the Walker-Simmons.

  9. Dear Marcus, Sarah & Albie. We are sending you lots of positive thoughts and warm hugs from Newtown. Love from Ed, Heidi & Lucy.

  10. We’re all thinking of your whānau Marcus. Kia kaha e tama! Arohatinonui nā te whānau Matairangi Clyde Quay.

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