Update #1

Albie’s surgery started a bit later at 9am. The theatre were fabulous and let me hold him till he went out for the count. He should be off bypass by around 2.30pm. We are a bit lost without our little boy and finding this time so slow-ticking. Keep firing those prayers, thoughts, chants and positive vibes into the universe, Albie is sure to receive them. And while I haven’t been replying, Marcus and I have read each and all of your well wishes. Thank you – they mean so much xxx


  1. Thanks for letting us know. I can’t count the times this morning I have hit refresh in hope of good news. XXX

    • Margaret and I send our warmest thoughts and very best wishes for you both and to the wee man!

  2. Much love, strength and most importantly healing for little Albie and you. I cannot imagine the heartache you must be going through. I wish you all the best!!!

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