Update #2

Beautiful day! We just got the call and Albie is off bypass.  What a lot of joyous tears!! Obviously not out of the woods yet, but the nurse said the surgery is going really well. Another couple of hours and we’ll be beside him again. xxxx


  1. Whoop whoop! Such good news. The sun is shining down on you guys for sure. More love and positive vibrations heading your way …. X

  2. Yay for that milestone! One down, keep up the strength Albie! It will feel so good (maybe in a few days) to get this all behind you. It will feel most awsome to see and hold him. Hoping and praying all continues to go well.

  3. Delighted to hear from you, keep the updates coming! The prayer machine at Nukumaru is working flat out for you guys!. Love Auntie Adie n Uncle David

  4. The tears were rolling as i read the last couple of updates — all to real ! Then bingo update 2 arrived with the very thankful news that Albie is off bypass — what a feeling !!! All our love and all our positive thoughts are out there in the universe for you’s to catch and feel xoxoxoxo

  5. Sending love your way – been praying Albies operation is a very successful one – and that the healing process is without complications

  6. Yay! Iʻve been away and so am catching up quickly on everything. You guys are awesome and we send our love and prayers to you all xoxoxox Riria and Alex,

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