Update # 3

Tonight our heart hero lies in Intensive Care – dosed to the eyeballs on drugs and covered with drains, wires, catheters, tubes and patches. Part of me thinks I shouldn’t share these photos. But a larger  part of me thinks that there is no point to this blog if we don’t share all of our journey, with all its ups and downs.  So this is Albie tonight…



It hurts too much to see him in this state. But as shocking as it is, we remind ourselves that every wire and tube plays a part in bringing our boy back to health again.

He is doing really, really well for where he is at. He is fighting a bit of a fever, but hopefully by the morning that will have settled down. The ventilator is still breathing for him, but as he wakes up they hope to take him off that too. Anthea, my sister, sits with him through tonight, keeping him company and being his friend.


  1. Poor little dude, it looks so sore and intense! Poor you guys as well, hope you’re okay and can get some rest tonight. I’m hoping all this means that Albie will be bigger and stronger and you guys will not have to worry so much. Thinking of youse. Love Tessa and Dan.

  2. So upsetting to see the wee man like this. Cant even begin to imagine how you guys must be feeling. Hope you manage to get some rest tonight.Much love and hugs to you all from us all xxxxxxx

  3. All of our hearts are with you guys and especially with albie. He’s an incredible trooper with incredible strength, which he draws from his parents.

  4. Wow that photo hurts my heart so much. But it’s so good to know he’s come through his big op and is going well. So proud of you little Albie. Much love

  5. Oh geepers, you guys are amazing! Albie is one incredible little boy. Sending you all our collective strength right now. Ki kaha!!!

  6. Wow Sarah..It just amazes me how resilient and strong humans can be despite how tiny or small. What a wee fighter Albie is. Lord it must hurt to see him like that but as you say it’s the way forward. Thanks for the update. I have been checking my emails hoping to hear all went well. I hope you guys get some sleep tonight. You must be exhausted. All the best for tonight and I hope Albie is fever free by the morning. Bless him x

  7. I don’t know what to say, but I wanted to say that. Wishing some peace on your eyelids, Sarah and Marcus, as you lay down tonight. And god bless you Anthea… and I don’t know if I’ve ever said that before. Seems right.

  8. What an amazing, strong wee little man you have there – he is a real little trooper. Can’t imagine how you must all be feeling seeing him like that. Here’s to a speedy recovery. Our thoughts and prayers remain with you through this tough time. Whiteman Family x

  9. It is tough seeing your baby like this in ICU. He is one step closer to a healthier life as painful as it is to see. Hugs and love.

  10. Absolutely masses of love and prayers coming to you all from us. The photo’s brought tears to my eyes but to know that he will be better, stronger, healthier makes all the heartache easier. XX

  11. Thanks for sharing, The photos are shocking but there is also a sense of relieve…We have been waiting for the update…Indi and I were checking out all older pics and videos on the blog. She knows Albie has an “eina” (sore) but keeps pointing to the plaster on his cheek. Thinking all day how lucky we are to live in this day and age where this is all possible. I have faith he will be running circles around you guys in no time…..Sleep tight!! x

  12. So so hard to see him in that condition but thank you for the courage to share this picture, and yes, those tubes are life for him right now. What an ordeal he has been through – and you both as well. Hope you are able to sleep tonight. Thoughts with all of you guys, and with Anthea too, holding vigil with Albie.

  13. It makes my heart ache to think you all have to go through this to have a healthier little man…praying for a good night ahead for you all. Love n hugs xx

  14. He is such a strong wee man! That foot is so much bigger and stronger than the first photo I ever saw of him where you are holding a tiny little foot. Kisses and love love love to you all xxxxxxxxxx

  15. You’re all soldiers Albie, Mum & Dad – reminding us all of how precious life is, and to gaze on what’s really important. Rest well tonight Albinators, Malos

  16. We were right where you are just 5 short months ago, and also had a sister who split some of the shifts early on – RESPECT. Doctors told us to get rest the first few days, as this is when the hospital leads.

    And as the machines start to go back in their closests and are dispatched to help other little boys and girls, it will be your turn to lead the hospital, as only moms and dads know how to do.

    We wish you all strength and peace the coming days – this is tough stuff but a very special journey.

  17. We’re thinking about you all, always amazed by your strenth, honesty, wonderful words and humour. Lots of love and positive thoughts come with this message. Ailsa and liam xxx

  18. Stay strong sweet boy. All that will come off and out soon enough Mom & Dad, the waiting (to be really silly and quote Tom Petty) is the hardest part.

  19. I just came across your blog and have been anxiously waiting for updates on your gorgeous wee boy Albie. I’m so glad to see he’s in ICU and trooping on. Even though it must be so hard to watch, each step in this painful process is taking him closer to a healthy heart. I’m so glad you have family who will help you out and sit with him, so you can take some time to rest and relax (as much as possible) so you can be strong for him when he needs you. Thinking of you, and all our best wishes for your beautiful family.

  20. Thinking of you over this next hard time. I’m sure you will get amazing care from all the nurses and doctors.

  21. Thankyou sooo much for sharing those precious photos with us Sarah, it would have been hard to imagine so many complicated leads and attachments, like you say all there for the specific purpose of helping Albies heart. Great big sis is up there!
    Love Auntie Adie and Uncle David

  22. Dear Sarah, Marcus and Albie It is great that you are willing to share so much with us. Our hearts are all beating for Albie. Go Albie!! we all say! What a trooper he is and what brave troopers you all are. Hope the morning is going well – I do not want to be far from my lap top in case I miss a message. Warm hugs all round, Gleni xx

  23. Sarah, Marcus and Albie, we can’t imagine how hard it must be to see your precious little boy like this. But, how wonderful it is that the skills and technology exist to help Albie in this way. Sending all three of you our love and positive thoughts. Kia kaha. Lauren, Simon and Luke

  24. Crickey, that second photo is heart breaking but defo an important part of the journey. So pleased to hear the surgery went well. Can’t wait to see his beautiful smile again soon. Kia kaha and lots of aroha xxx

  25. Lifting Albie up in prayer over the course of the next 3 days and throughout his recovery. Sending mommy and daddy strength and comfort. ❤

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