Prayers please

Albie was doing really great this morning, aware of us all and  even talking  – off the ventilator and there was even talk of him leaving Intensive Care this afternoon. They were calling him a ‘flyer.’

Albie, however, suffered a major Pulmonary Hypertensive Crisis around 9.30 this morning that resulted in his heart stopping.  It took approximately 25 minutes to hook him up to a ECMO machine, while they were trying to get his heart going again. The ECMO machine now does the job of his heart and lungs. He will be on this for the next three days to rest his heart, which has been badly stunned. They have cooled his body down too to halt any brain injury.  He is a world away and I miss him, so, so, so much.

There are no answers yet. In three days they will see if his heart will function again – or if it won’t. And, thats the same with his brain. He could be absolutely fine, or he could have suffered terrible brain damage. Time will tell.

Prayers, lit candles, arms to the sky, chants – the works people. Put them on high and hard! Albie needs them so, so bad and so do we.


  1. Hi Sarah,

    I am from the heart fb page just wanted to say my little girl has been where Albie is now on ECMO and unsure what the outcome would be. She came through it and has done far better than the doctors predicted at the time so please hold on to that hope even when it seems really scary and bad. I really feel for you and know how incredibly hard it is to be where you are right now. Praying for you all xxxxx

  2. Aaarghhhh! It just seems so unfair. My prayers are going out to all of you. You must feel so helpless. Thinking of you all greatly at this time xxx

  3. The MOE cheersquad are devastated for you, but sending so much love, prayers and good wishes with all of our hearts to his little one. Hold on guys.

  4. Oh wow, this really does seem so unfair. Prayers, thoughts, good healing vibes all being sent your way. xxxx

  5. Sending everything your way: JK the fogan is delivering a stoic angel to the Kapiti Airport this afternoon, Aneke will be singing (probably a combo of Happy birthday and if you are happy and you know it) and I’m sending positive vibrations, virtual cups of tea and all the love I have. I’ll even call on my lovely Catholic connections to get Albie on the prayer chain circuits in the Mighty Waikato. We are right behind you. Stand strong and Remember to breath. Our gorgeous friend Albie is a fighter – he can do it! Xxx Nicole

  6. So sorry to hear this. I know how hard it is to go backwards after making such positve strides forward. Please know we are thinking of you and praying for Albie. Please continue to keep us updated. Will be having him on my mind constantly. Hugs and prayers. Stay strong and positive.

  7. Thinking of you guys so so much and hoping the very best for the little man! Sending lots of good vibes his way! Love and kisses, Anna & Fred

  8. Hang in there guys, this is one huge life test thats for sure! I just watched the Albie turns one video, it made me cry and cry but also made me smile and giggle and think about what an amazing, wonderful boy he is. He has touched so many peoples lives, he is a fighter with such a great personality and the best parents in the world. Try to keep strong, he will be feeling your love and the thoughts and prayers of everyone sending them your way too. I am thinking of you non stop and doing my chanting as much as I can for you all. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE – Go Albie Go – you can do it!!!!! Inga

  9. Albie you can do it brave wee man, thinking of you all , lots of love and prayers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Dear Sarah, Marcus and Albie I don’t pray very often these days but I’ll do whatever small thing i can from this distance and will pray and wish and hope for you Albie. Arohanui ki a koutou, Ed

  11. Dear Sarah, Marcus & Albie . . .
    We’re thinking of you all.
    Sending positive vibes, loads of prayers and a truckload of love your way xxx

  12. My thoughts are with you guys, you are a beautiful & awesome family, Albie is so Adorable I know it will all work out for you.

    Love to you all

  13. Oh Sarah, I keep checking emails to see if there are any updates, the photo of him after surgery was so sad. I can’t imagine how tough this is for you, add us to the list of people praying for your little man to pull through and come out stronger and healthier than ever. Thinking of you all and sending lots of love xxx

  14. Good thoughts, good vibes and my own special kind of prayers (what I can do being fairly non-religious). Stay strong all, stay strong. Sending out all I’ve got.

  15. We are pulling out the stops and sending all available love your way. Can’t wait to see him back at home stacking his blocks like a wee genius. We love you Albie !

  16. You don’t know me but I am thinking of you and all your family with lots of hope and love and wishes for Albie to be 100%. ❤❤

  17. Hay Hoppys! Me and the Tysons will definitely be praying for you all and beautiful and strong Albie. We love you very much and hope it reaches you in this hard time. xox Love Lara and family

  18. Hi Sarah and Marcus,
    We have made a wee prayer table and are sending as much love and pink light as we can. We can come up if you need a little extra support. Much love darlings
    Love West Coasters

  19. Everything I can coming your way – love, hugs, positive vibes, and loads of prayers from my Augy ’07 treasures forum Mummies xxx

  20. Hi Sarah and Marcus,
    Aunty Tui sends her love and prayers.My church is prayer chain is praying for you all as well as other close Christian friends here and overseas . All my love to you all Janice Mannex

  21. All the love is coming your way dudes! I lit a candle this morning before I even read this! Love you guys heaps. Rach, Tom, Sonny and Spudley Wagstaff

  22. Like Inga I have just watched Albies turns one video again too. It made me smile through the tears, just gorgeous!! Sending more love from the Naki, Kaz xxx

  23. My heart breaks for you guys, I hope, pray and send all my thoughts, I will chant in the rain for Albie. I know words can’t change the situation and I am struggling to find any to help but just know I am thinking of you both and your wonderful little boy x

    • Thinking of you guys and wiping the dust of the rosary..lots of prayers and promises to upstairs…sending you love, support and strength at such a scary time for you and your gorgeous babe!

  24. The southerly breeze from Lyall Bay carries Albie’s name with it, the waves offer up the smiles and laughter that have been so beautifully recorded and shared (how I have delighted in your generosity, your writing and your gorgeous whanau), the seagulls call to you all with such urgency, my arms are outstretched to the big, grey, Wellington sky. Kia kaha, kia mauri ora, kia wehi, kia ihi. Ae, kia pai tenei wa roa.
    My heart and thoughts are yours.
    Love Kate x

  25. Sending so much love and hope over the seas for you all but especially Albie. We are thinking about you constantly you amazing little man. X

  26. Oh my heart. I’m crying tears of sympathy, love and hope for you three. You’re all so strong – especially Albie. Love, all the love i have and more.

  27. I’ve been checking for updates and sending my good vibes but will have to step it up. Coming your way now. L J & A

  28. Wow! Sarah, there are tears rolling down my face as I read your story (I think there was a link on Alia’s fb). Will be thinking, praying, hoping for you and your wee guy. I am going to wake my kids up and give them a big cuddle. Xx

  29. I have read your email over and over, trying to make sense of it all. But it doesn’t make sense. I am so sorry it is such a challenging time for Albie and for you. How sad and how painful it feels. Love and prayers in abundance. Gleni XXX

  30. Hi Sarah and co – Tracey Scott here for my first time on Albie’s blog – but what a day to join you on here. I am so gutted that your roller-coaster is still continuing, at a time when you so totally deserve to be celebrating your hero in full on recovery. I am in awe of your strength for him and for each other too.
    Yes, I will be praying for him tonight (and that’s saying something!) and off to cuddle my kids too – Tracey x

  31. HI to sarah, marcus and the most important albie – prayers and loads of love coming your way from Gisborne – hang in there Albie, there’s lots more vests to come for you to wear. kia kaha. much love from your personal vest knitter Albie. sharon (jon’s mum)xxxxx

  32. The Garcia’s in the UK and in Spain are with you, Heart and Soul. Albie, te tenemos en nuestros corazones. Xxxxx

  33. He is a fighter, lots of love and prayers sending over to you, will light a candle for our dearest nephew Albie in Santiago Cathedral. Love Andrea and Paul xxxxxx

  34. Oh Sarah, Darling Albie and you all are so in our thoughts and prayers. Sending loads of love and virtual hugs your way too. Love from the Markhams xx

  35. Am with you all the way and back again Sarah and Marcus and Albie. Wth love Mary and Bob (Meg’s parents). xxxxxxxxx

  36. I wanted to pass on messages of love and support from the following people who wish to help Albie, and you guys Sarah & Marcus through this journey (all received today since the latest blog post):

    Cherie, Don & Kristie Boyd, Nicole Freeman & Irene Llabres Pohl, Nicole’s good friend James Harcourt, Kara Dorset (she helped with the 1st Auckland Shwop), Maia Wellington (formerly Maibrett Petersen from Design school days), Justine Barnett from Queenstown, Samantha Campbell (who I went to high school with), Raquel Sims (an actor from Wellington), Bevin Linkhorn (who I work with) and his wife Lyndee, Megan Handyside, Megan Savage (family friend), Angela Duncan, Dan Henry & Jude McLaren (both who I work with) Nicki Wilson (family friend).

    Today must have been one of the longest and hardest in your lives. You are doing an incredible job, and we cannot even imagine what it must be like to go through this.

    There are literally hundreds of people who love youguys and Albie SO SO MUCH – who are right now sending positive thoughts to him and you guys to make it through the next bit and out the other side to recovery. Find that strength and keep going. We know you guys can do it! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  37. Oh Sarah & Marcus, how absolutely terrifying for you. We are wishing/ sending you all of the most positive, happy things/ thoughts & everything good in this world that Albie will come out of this fighting & even more of a champion than he has already proved to be. We are thinking of you all. Big Hugs from Sam & Jules xxxx

  38. team hoppy, you have been in my constant thoughts. Ami called tonight and we had a cry together, our hearts are breaking for you seeing Your precious little Albie battling. My love and prayers are with you all tonight Kia kaha and together we’ll all bring Albie back with some cheeky smiles to melt tears away! C’mon wee guy x x Holly

  39. We have been thinking of you all constantly and are projecting strength, love and healing thoughts to dear Albie. Lots of love and hugs xxx

  40. Hang in there guys, your little man is just gorgeous and your story so heartfelt and honest. Have sat here reading your blog with a big lump in my throat.
    Sending as many possible prayers and positive vibes out into the universe for you and sweet little Albie
    Kia Kaha Xx

  41. Holy shit you guys, i can’t imagine what you are both going through right now but I will be praying my heart out for your little fighter, I really hope you can both feel how much all of us in lancs love and care for you , i hope that you find the strength to get through these next days. I’m crying right now with frustration that I can’t do more to help you both as words fall way short. love you both , ben

  42. The entire Garcia Clan in the UK and Spain is thinking of all three of you with love in our hearts. Arohanui. xxx

  43. it’s been one very long time since i’ve seen you sarah, but please know that my thoughts, love, wishes, chants and hugest hugs are with you, hubby and gorgeous albie!

  44. bringing in heaps of strength from the universe to you guys and big albie!
    big ups to the strength you all have.

  45. Oh Sarah! Marcus! Albie! I wish I was there to give you all the biggest squeeze I could give! You guys are going to bust on through this, I know. Albie has the best parents ever.. Thinking of you magical three Hopkinsons.

    • Thinking of you all constantly and sending as much positive thought as we can muster to you and wee Albie. You are truly amazing as his parents and we pray he will pull through this. Love to you all, Peta and Doug

  46. Wow this has made me cry, and ask why, I am praying for Albie, what a wee treasure, I pray and believe for a full recovery and I ask for this in Jesus name.
    I pray for strength, courage and peace for Sarah and her husband.
    Our love we send to you all, Barry and Christine Tyson

  47. All our thoughts are with you. I can’t even begin to imagine your heartache. Stay strong, he is a beautiful strong little man who knows how much you love him. Positive thoughts to you xxxxxx

  48. ‘Love is an ever fixed mark, that looks on tempests and is never shaken.’
    William Shakespeare
    Stay strong little man. x

  49. I am sorry to read a small bit of what is happening to your beautiful baby boy, my thoughts & good wishes are with you Albie & family. I couldn’t read everything as it reminds me too much of my son in his early days, this makes me cry so much.
    I wish to God something positive happens soon & fast for Albie. xox

  50. Sarah, Inga passed on your request for prayers, and I’ve been thinking of you all endlessly since reading your message. You are very courageous for sharing your story, and I hope that the roll of support messages you are getting in return help to ease you through this wait. The team at Starship are talented and tireless. The will be doing everything they can for your little miracle. All of my love, hugs and tears xoxo

  51. The battle isn’t always about who’s the biggest or the strongest. It’s about who has the determination to see it through.
    You’re a tough little guy with a big future ahead of you!

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