(Temporary) changing of the guard…

Hello everyone – while I am close with many of you, and know many of your names and faces, a great number of you remain perfect strangers to me.  However, we are all united by a common cause at the moment: to love and support our most favouritist of Hopkinsons.  “How big is the cause?” you ask – well, to give you an indication, the blog has had well over 5,000 hits in the last 48 hours.  Rest assured Sarah, Marcus and (most importantly) Albie have felt the full force of your words and your prayers…

Sarah has asked that I assume temporary custodianship of the blog for the next wee while.  As you all can imagine, Sarah has a fair ol’ bit to deal with at present – and sadly for all of us, the blog is simply not a priority.  However, she realises just how many of us turn to the blog for updates on Albie’s state, and for an insight on how she and Marcus are faring themselves.  I warn you now that you will not get Sarah’s beautiful ability to convey feelings through words through my own clumsy fingers… but I will try my best to keep you all informed as to how things are tracking while I am here in AKL (and probably after as well)…


Last night, I stayed with Albie at his bedside in intensive care.  To give you an idea of what this is like, he is hooked up to four very large machines that are doing amazing things to keep him alive.  While these brilliant devices are doing their thing, Albie is resting peacefully and the hope is that his heart is slowly getting stronger.  For the 10 hours that I sat with Albie, his nurse was giving him active care for a good 8.5 hours  – and the other time was used preparing for the next dosage, inspection, cleaning, feeding, or other task.  I have been inspired and bolstered by the level of care he is getting from these amazing people – and you all should as well.

Many of you will have a number of questions… how long before things change? what new risks have emerged (if any)? when will Albie be better?  The short answer is that there is no answer – we all need to try to just be as comfortable with uncertainty as we can be for the next wee while.  The process from here as I understand it is that the staff here will continue to keep Albie stable and rested.  If he progresses well, then his reliance on the ECMO machine will be gradually weaned – again with the aim that his own heart does what it is supposed to do. This weaning may start tomorrow, it may start next week… it may take days to complete…it may take months.

So my hope is that I can contribute to a progressive alleviation of the uncertainty for all of you over this next period.  If you have any other questions, feel free to flick me an email at jcjnnz@gmail.com.  I’ll do my best to respond promptly.  As for sending messages to Sarah and Marcus, the comments links below are their preferred vehicle.  They are often disregarding their phones, but if you really wish to speak to them send Marcus a text message first and he can give you an indication of a good time to call.

I hope you are all faring well – Much love from everyone here for all the support

Jason – aka JJ


  1. Fantastic Jason, how well I remember you as a student at Oakura School. Nice to know you are such a great support to Sarah, Marcus and wee Albie as we all hold our breath and hope for his recovery soon. Love Peta

  2. Thank you Jason. I have been waiting all day to get back to my computer to see how are beautiful little man is doing. love you Albie xx

  3. Very well written, thank you for the update. I’m a friend of Aunt Anthea here in New Plymouth and have been checking in to the blog all day awaiting any sort of news. Prayers and healing energy being sent from all around the world to little Albie. Keep on fighting.

  4. Jason that is a lovely written post and easy to follow .Neat that someone can take some of the burden off Sarah and Marcus . . I am glad that these days we can so easily send love and support messages to everyone up there with Albie. my prayers will continue until no longer needed .Wish I could be doing more. Janice Mannex

  5. Sarah and Marcus, you do not know me, but I have just read your beautiful story from beginning to the middle. I write this from my husbands bedside in ICU. I know well the roller coaster you have found yourself on, as my husband was on life support and sedated for 8 long days. Please keep faith in your strong beautiful boy. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your litte Albie xxxxxx

  6. Thanks for keeping everyone updated Jason, I don’t know Sarah or Marcus but I have been following Albie’s journey on here for a while. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you in this hard time. Stay strong, we are sending all our love his way xxxx

  7. thanks for coming on board and helping with this .i hope my emails when i get home there can be 20 30 50 but this is the first i look at .My feeling are alway of trust and hope after reading .thank you again love you guys

  8. Thank you for the updates. I am compulsively checking for the latest update. We are continuing to send constant love and strength to the beautiful wee man. Love you! – Megan x x x

  9. Thankyou so much Jason for taking over the job from Sarah and Marcus, so they can concentrate totally on Albie. We look forward to more of your easy to follow updates, keep up the good work.
    Adrienne n David Hopkins

  10. Thinking of the Hopkinsons hourly. Great to hear they have such support around them- sisters and brothers to lean on. Sending all our Love, thoughts and dreams of a wonderful future.

  11. Thanks JJ. It made us feel a little bit closer chatting to you yesterday while you were on the nightshift. Sending so much love to you all. Xxx

  12. The best family any wee angel could hope for, immediate, adopted and extended. Albie you have some serious hugs on back order when you are up and sailing, in the meantime rest your little ticker so it can absorb all the love being sent to you, then I need to tell you about how awesome your mum and dad when you are well again.( I know you know this, but I can tell you the things they won’t :)) So I will see you on the “all ears open for parental goss” side real soon. Pinkie swear xxxxx

  13. As much want to know how Albie is going I really didn’t know where Hoppy got the strength and courage to share the very personal, touching and emotional experience she is going through. Totally selfless….but then I think that is just the type of person she is.
    Thank you for filling in Jas …. x Jen

  14. Thank you, Jason, for all you’re doing for the whole family, and for keeping us updated. Glad to hear Sarah doesn’t need to make time for blogging right now.

  15. Thanks Jase,
    Hey bro, hope you are trooping through this uncertain time, I know that you will be a amazing supporting Sarah and Albie. We have made it to Fisterre (the end of the world/Camino) and yesterday walked up to Santa Maria church and lit a candle for Ablie. Sending you all much love xxoxoxxx Andrea and Paul

  16. Lots of love Marcus, Sarah and Albie from everyone at Newtown School. We held a karakia for you today and are all thinking of you. Janette

  17. Thanks so much for the update Jason, much appreciated. Being there will be such a fantastic support to them. Those bedside vigils are not easy. Lots of continued love and support being sent from the UK xxx

  18. Glad to hear a friend has taken over so Sarah and Marcus can concentrate on being with their little man as he heals. I am a heart mum from Western Australia and although my boy was fortunate I was with him though two open heart operations and three spine ops with complications so do have some idea of what they are going through. Big hugs and lots of virtual love.

  19. Thank god & baby cheeses for you JJ. You really are representing the god parents in style and doing a totally amazing job up there! I cant thank you enough for all your texts, your night shift vigils with Albie, your blog updates, and taking such wonderful care of our Sarah & Marcus. You are a blessing and a guardian angel at such a tough time. Albie has a pretty massive load of prayers and love flying all around to him from all corners of the globe – and the fact that you are there to hold the fort for the hoppy’s and keep Albie company through the night makes me sure that every single one will make it all the way to his bed at Starship. Stay strong and bright Jase, you are amazing, and every little good piece of strength and hope we can all feel will help our beloved hoppy’s through this crazy hard time. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Inga

  20. Hi to team Albie,
    We are sending loads of Love to you all, especially master Albie. There is an abundance of people sending healing & happy thoughts his way. Take care of yourself and make sure the amazing parents do too, Lots of Love Jessie and Neil

  21. Sending so much love to Albie, Sarah and Marcus. I do not know this amazing family personally either, but stumbled across this blog, and am so grateful I did. I am a NZer living in California, so I’m sending my love across the Pacific, and hopefully some healing sun and California fresh air will come with my thoughts. Thank you for the updates.

  22. Dear Sarah, Marcus and Albie, I pray that today brings you some goodness. As the sun sets over Amsterdam I am thinking of you all. With so much love and hope xxxxx

  23. You’re awesome Jason. Your presence will be a great help, no doubt. I wish I could be there in person and so I send this wish in a message. Come on Wrigglesworth! 🙂

  24. Thank you for the update. Our thoughts are with Marcus and Sarah and of course wee Albie. Love to you all and all our positive thoughts heading your way xxx

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