A run on the board…

Morena everyone – last night came and went, and Albie is still very stable and safe.  He was given heaps of bedside attention and love from Allan – Sarah’s Dad – and from lots of local friends as well (thanks ladies).  Albie’s Uncle and Aunties have also been amazing… catering, organising, taking the night vigil, etc.  ‘Team Albie’ is in full force to be sure.

We’ve also had welcome news about some of the preliminary tests that have been run over the last 2 days.  Both yesterday morning and today, Albie’s sensory reception to stimuli has been tested.  Essentially, the crew here channel a series of (non-painful) electric pulses through Albie’s wrist.  At the same time, his brain activity is monitored to indicate his response to the stimuli.  On both occasions, Albie’s response has been ‘normal.’

Normal, in this instance, is a great way to be.  It is signalling that his brain functions related to motion have not been adversely affected by his cardiac arrest – so any fears about paralysis have effectively been allayed (for now).  It is also an indicator that the other functions of his brain could also be normal (or at least not majorly affected); however, this is more a foreshadowing than a certainty.  We will only know about the health of these other mental faculties after further tests… but this is a great start!

As we speak, the staff here are raising Albie’s body temperature from its current hypothermic state.  This will assist his heart function, and give the folks here a better idea of his brain function. All good stuff.

Allan, Richard & Jules are off now to their respective corners of the North Island.  They have stood an inspired first watch and have been brilliant.  Reinforcements are on their way for the weekend – as for the rest of you, keep all your positive thoughts firmly pointed this way.



  1. Such an wonderful update. I have been thinking about Albie all night (no sleep!) and today. My heart goes out you all and I’m so glad Albie has ‘normal’ test results. I’ll keep my positive thoughts going…much love and strength for you. Jess Anderson xx

    • You awesome little dude, Albie. Keep it up! There is so much love here for you and for all of those wonderful people looking after you and your mum and dad.

  2. Go Albie go! My thoughts have been with you guys over the last few days, what positive news, it has brought a smile to my face… (Sam, formerly of Tainui Street NP!)

  3. Go Albie go! We have our little black bear, Walt, urging you on too and waiting for you to return to us in Wellington. Thanks to the great support team you have! M & M

  4. Way to go Albie, you’re so very, very brave lil man!
    Thinking of you constantly and sending you and your Mummy & Daddy MASSIVE hugs and LOADS of love xxx

  5. Good boy Albie. Kia kaha, e tama, otirā, kia kaha te whānau! Keep it up, son and whānau, go hard. 🙂

  6. that’s great news! Stay strong Albie and all your supporters, thanks so much for keeping us all updated, it’s very much appreciated. KJ (heart Mum and fried of Aunty Anthea) xx

  7. Great news. still praying though and sending love!!XXXX thanks JJ too-its great to be keep informed as the Hopper are in our thoughts xx

  8. Go little man, GO!
    Lovely to get some positive news.
    JJ, you’re doing a wonderful job bro.
    Much love and good karma to all, especially our wee hero. XXXX

  9. So pleased to hear some good news. Thanks for keeping us updated Jason. Keep strong guys. We are all rooting for Albie. x

  10. That sounds wonderfully positive! Very grateful for the update and sending our love and positive thoughts as ever to you all. Xxx liam and Ailsa xxx

  11. We love you little champ. What a clever little man you are! All our love darling and love to mumma and papa bear too!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Very positive news indeed,thank you. Well done to Team Albie too. Positive thought train still in full motion. Much love x x x

  13. Awesome news wee man…keep up the amazing work, you’re inspiring us all. Much love from all the Rodgers.

  14. Fantastic news. Thanks so much for keeping us posted. The first thing I do in the morning is check for updates. Still sending massive love to Sarah Marcus and Albie, Hang on in there little man. xxxx We in the Northern bit of the world will be with you through your night time watch xxxx sending lots of love and good thoughts from us ,and from some you don’t know but still care- Sheena, Sara, Libby and Wayne and family, Sanj, Vicky and Darren, in Lancs, Ruth in Cumbria, Lyn in Ireland, Rose in Glastonbury, – all thinking of you and sending love love love and passing the message out to people to send more love your way.

  15. Dear Sarah, Marcus and Albie. I know about you through our good friends Ju and Megan, and remember standing in John Lewis with them as they tried to find peacock coloured dresses for your wedding! You are such a strong family, and the support around you is incredible. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you fight this courageous fight and I am sending out positive vibes through London for you. All the love in the world xoxo

  16. Better news, keep strong everyone is thinking of you all and sending strength to Albie. Kia Kaha. Arohanui. Sally

  17. Yes! More light. (Thanks for this update JJ). So happy to hear this positive news. It feels as if Albie’s spirit is so strong and he WANTS to be fully here – and after almost a year and a half of absorbing all that love from you two, Sarah and Marcus, he has tons of resource. Go go little tiger!

  18. Marcus! Sarah! Albie! Love, light and more love and more light from us here in Europe. Moving forward is the way! Estamaos con vosotros. Miguel and Family. xxx

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