Laying down the challenge

Over breakfast this morning, Sarah’s sister – Anthea – regaled the rest of us with a run-down on Albie’s night.  She and her husband – Gerard – took the watch last night, and saw our little soldier through another restful spell.Image

This morning is bringing with it a bit more anticipation.  In around 15 minutes, the doctors and nurses here will be performing the first major test on Albie’s heart to see if it’s up to a bit more work.  During this ‘heart challenge,’ they will ease off the ECMO machine in the hope that his heart will pick up the slack.  If it does, we’ll all dance a little jig and move on to the next step in the process.  If not, we’ll all wait patiently until Albie’s ready.

On a lighter note… Marcus showed us all last night that he’s still his razor sharp self.  One of the consultant doctors was making the rounds last night with the rest of the staff, and she described to Sarah & Marcus the events that would unfold today.  Speaking colloquially, the consultant made a slight blunder by saying that Albie was ‘wearing his heart on his sleeve.’  Without hesitation, Marcus gave her a ribbing for making an insensitive comment, and we all laughed at the doctor’s expense.  I thought you’d all like to know there is still laughter amongst the gravity here.

I’ll report back later with news on the heart challenge.



  1. Will be sending all the good stuff I’ve got out in the the Universe for that sweet little soul. Thank you for the update.

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  3. Great update JJ 🙂 I hope the test goes well for the little guy. Good to hear he had a peaceful night. I was standing on a rugby field watching my son play this morning and one of my friends sent through a quick update on this to me. I gave my son an extra squeezy hug when he came off the field.

  4. Thanks for the update. We went to our friends’ farm today to plant trees next to a river that has water good for drinking! I know, pretty awesome. All the while, I was thinking of you guys and I dedicated the benefits of my work today and the happiness that planting trees gave me to you all up in hospital land. Aroha nui xoxoxox

  5. We read with love. Thank you guys for taking us on Albie’s journey through your words. We send our healing vibes out to your beautiful tama. Aroha aroha aroha whanau x

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